Looking for a Bernese Puppy?

Most people when they are first looking for a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy don't realise the tall task that is ahead of them. Unlike many breeds of dog, you can't just go out and get one, (well you probably could, but you don't want to own that type of Bernese). Good breeders of Bernese never need to advertise for they always have a long list of future homes waiting for their puppies. Only those with a poor reputation who are breeding the type of dog you shouldn't wish to own are those that you'll ever see advertised on the Internet and or in adverts and in the Newspapers.

Ringing round from breeder to breeder, from any list you've found on the internet will more often than not be a complete waste of time, for if any breeder has an available puppy ready for a new home, why? with demand so much higher than puppies available, it can make one wonder why this breeder has available puppies when others wouldn't. Not only does this method waste your time and run your phone bill up, it also can be fairly frustrating for breeders who may get several of these calls each day. As much as breeders love to talk dogs, it can take up considerable precious time, repeating the same thing to each caller.

First you need to take yourself off to a Bernese Breed Club event, a big Bernese breed championship show will have maybe as many as 200 Bernese in attendance and not only will it give you a invaluable insight into the breed but it will really make your mind up if this is really the breed for you. Most Bernese breed clubs hold several events each year, from big shows to fun days. Depending upon the event will depend on how many breeders will be there. A big Championship show will have many breeders from all over the country competing with their best Bernese. Whereas a fun day or Garden Party will have many pet owners and families but much fewer breeders. Not only are such an event great for meeting many Bernese and their owners it's also a great way to network with breeders and speak to those who may be breeding in the near future. Speak to the Breed club secretary's for they are often in the know about puppy's and future events.

As a rule of thumb more litters are generally bred later on in the year than during the warmer months, for a good breeder will usually wish to keep the pick of the litter for themselves so will want that puppy to come of age, i.e. six months at the start of the show season rather than the end. It doesn't always work out this way as bitches only come into season twice a year and can only be bred on every other season. Also it's very difficult to show and breed from the same bitch as bitches once mated shouldn't be shown and after having a litter they drop their coat and look awful for around 6 months.

You should only buy from a Kennel Club Assured Breeder who's been inspected. There are some dodgy people in the world of Bernese and to buy a puppy from such a breeder not only will break your heart but also your bank balance. You can pay as much for a poorly reared puppy bred by a backstreet breeder as you can for a lavishly reared puppy from a high profile show kennel. It is worth remembering that anyone owning a pedigree bitch with papers and without any endorsements can mate that bitch with any pedigree male of the same breed with papers and no endorsements and register the litter with the Kennel Club. However, if you buy from a Kennel Club Assured Breeder then you know that that breeder has had to meet the standards set out by the Kennel Club and that a Kennel Club Inspector has inspected their home within the last three years.

If you really want to own a Bernese then you are going to have to put some effort in to get one, you will need to attend a Bernese breed club event in a bid to meet breeders and Bernese and you will need to put your name down on several breeder's waiting lists.

Bernese are not easy to breed, they are a complicated breed and don't pop out puppies like some other breeds. Whereas large litters do occur from time to time the average litter of Bernese is around 6.

For a List of Bernese Breed Clubs please click on this link.

Please don't feel disheartened about the tall order in finding a Bernese puppy, if you really want to own one then you will and on your journey to finding and bringing home your beloved new bundle of fluff you'll meet some lovely people along the way.


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