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New Spanish Bred Puppy Arrives at Pasturegreen

Diana, Bella & Philippa

Today we drove to our friends house in Belgium, once again they have helped us to bring a puppy to England. We took George and Lily along for the ride. The Pet Passport Scheme makes it so easy to travel to Europe and back to the UK.

We are so very grateful to Svetlana and Benny for if it wasn't for all their hard work and support it would be so much harder and more expensive to import to England from Europe and beyond.

Bella brings with her different bloodlines from Spain, which are much needed in England and we hope she will help the future of Pasturegreen. Her Father is Alvin RealClass and her Mother Champion Darlin Delice From Christofland.

Thank you so much Diana for entrusting princess Bella to us, and for all your efforts.



LKA Championship Show
Saturday 13th December 2014

Our first General Championship show in a long time and the first time we'd done LKA. For some reason we've never entered this show over the past 12 years. Chloe loved the blue carpet used in the rings, which made for a lovely surface to show on.

George was so well behaved in his Minor Puppy Dog Class, with so much noise and so many people it can upset young puppies but not George, he took it all in his stride and got a 4th today.

Henry was too out of coat to show today and Millie hadn't been entered as I'd thought she would be out of coat, as it was Millie was looking super and in full coat and Henry wasn't, which is typical.

Bailey was in a big Limit Dog class and looking just too young to be placed, with Henry now in Post Graduate Dog, the class that Bailey should really be in, it's difficult for Bailey to do well in the show ring at the moment, until he matures more.

Abbie with George & BaileyChloe & Abbie

(L-R) Abbie with George & Bailey - Chloe & Abbie



GB Bernese Club Open Show
Saturday 6th December 2014

Today was our first show in 15 months, which was very exciting. Since February 2nd Philippa had been suffering badly with her back due to having herniated a disc, this had stopped us from showing during 2014 and attending any Bernese breed club events.

George being Shown by PhilippaIt was also George's very first show, our new Russian import. Always exciting showing puppies and seeing how they develop. George got a 4th in his Minor Puppy Dog Class and then at lunch time a 1st in the Puppy Special Awards under a different judge.

Henry was seriously out of coat and not looking his best, however he still managed a 2nd in Graduate Dog and a 3rd in Post Graduate Special Awards.

Bailey got a 4th in his Post Graduate Dog class. Millie wasn't entered for I thought she'd be out of coat, as it was she was looking super, which is just typical.

It was great to be back in ring after what has seemed an age, it was lovely to see everyone and the committee made us feel most welcome. We are so proud of our boys today, for they all showed like professionals.



New Russian Bred Puppies Arrive at Pasturegreen
20th September 2014

Today we drove though the night to Belgium to collect our two new puppies; Vera & George. These two puppies were bred in Russia by different breeders and bring with them exciting new bloodlines to England to help the Gene pool and for the future of Pasturegreen. They are five days apart in age with Vera being the oldest. Vera is our other Russian Bernese Henry, half sister, for they both have the same Mother.

Vera (Millenium Star J'Adore Dior at Pasturegreen) bred Olga Palagina at Millenium Star, sired by Multi Champion Bern Star's Beehive Lord The King and out of Multi Champion Millenium Star Big Che Bear Holli. (Left)

George (Bernsego Jack Vorobey at Pasturegreen) bred by Svetlana Avseenko at Bernsego, sired by Multi Champion Alpine Joy La Krua De Marcel and out of International Champion Kamasutra La'Bern.  (Right)

There are only five Russian bred Bernese in the UK, three of which we own.

Philippa & Vera (Millenium Star J'Adore Dior at Pasturegreen)Philippa with Vera & George (L& R)Philippa with George (Bernsego Dzhek Vorobey at Pasturegreen)

Special thanks go to Svetlana and Benny for looking after George and Vera for us until they were old enough to come to England on Pet Passports. These puppies bring with them bloodlines free of DM with excellent hips, elbows, longevity, health and temperament.



Merlin Dies - 17th June 2014

Our beloved Merlin (Pasturegreen Trick or Treat) died of a heart attack a short while after undergoing emergency surgery for a blockage, whilst we were away on holiday. He was a much loved family pet, a super example of the breed and just coming into his prime. He died tragically young at 4½ years old.

Merlin (Pasturegreen Trick or Treat)Merlin was the first born from our Halloween Litter, his Mother is our Amy, Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen and his Father Bono well known Champion, Jaybiem Utwo JW SHCM.

Merlin gave us such joy in the show ring, he got Best Puppy in Breed at Bath Championship Show, Won his Class at Crufts, got his Stud Book Number and Reserve CC at the SBMDC Champ Show and helped Chloe qualify for the JHA Semi Finals. He was a pleasure to show and we had this bond when we were together that made us become one.

He was extremely loving and loyal, a gentle giant but sadly his desire to destroy and eat things was his undoing. As hard as we tried to keep him safe and out of harms way he always found a way, when he wasn't with us, to consume things he shouldn't.

We feel as a family that we have had our hearts ripped out, he was a bear of a Bernese so big and strong. To loose him as we did, whilst away, will always haunt us and hasn't helped us properly grieve for him.

Rest in Peace Merlin you were simply adored and treasured and to loose you so suddenly and so young is more than we can bare. You were an amazingly handsome boy and loved by so many.



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Happy 7th Birthday Amy

Happy 7th Birthday AmyToday our Amy, our Foundation Bitch and current Alpha Bitch is seven years old, so she's now classed as a Veteran.

It is always a wonderful feeling when your Bernese reaches that golden age of Veteran, as sadly these days so many don't.

Amy was from a litter of four, three girls and one boy. Born near Newcastle by Lynn & Malcolm Keegan.




Excellent Hips & Elbows For Henry
Millenium Star Email Of Happiness At Pasturegreen

Henry - Millenium Star Email Of Happiness At PasturegreenWe are thrilled and delighted to announce that our Russian Import Henry has excellent hips & elbows.

Hips 3 & 3 = 6
Elbows 0 & 0 = 0

Henry will now join our Stud Dogs here at Pasturegreen and we are excited about the next generation of Pasturegreen puppies hopefully sired by him.

Henry offers not only excellent Hips & Elbows but an excellent temperament and character. He has strong bone and excellent movement and fresh bloodlines not found in the UK so he will be a major asset to the ever decreasing gene pool in this country.



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