Clancaniter Lily Potter at Pasturegreen (Lily)
Lhasa Apso

Born ~ 24th August 2013

Sire: Champion Vallena Almeida
Dam: Dobriach Orphelne Clancaniter

Clancaniter Lily Potter at Pasturegreen (Lily)Lily is our Lhasa Apso, even though quite often she's mistaken by people believeing she's a puppy Bernese! Lily came to us at 8 weeks of age, bred by Mrs A & Messrs T & N Clancy of North Walsham, Norfolk. We are most grateful to Nick and his family for entrusting their precious puppy into a pack of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Lily from the day she arrived at 8 weeks, has been bossing our Bernese about. Within days she'd chased them all outside and it some, a few weeks for them not be afraid of this little tiny bundle of yapping fluff.

Lily isn't our first Lhasa Apso. As a child we had a Lhasa Apso called Lucy who lived to a rip old age of 17. She was my first introduction into the world of showing and all things doggy related. So when the girls dreamed of having a little dog to enjoy without being pulled over and knocked flying then it had to be a Lhasa Apso.

Clancaniter Lily Potter at Pasturegreen (Lily)Even though we brought Lily hoping for Chloe to do Junior Handling with her, we quickly learnt that Lily having a fun life with a long coat wasn't going to happen and so we decided that her having a great life was more important than a show career, so we now keep her in a puppy cut.

Lily plays an important part in our household, not only educating our Bernese that little dogs should be respected and aren't to be chased but also she's great for playing with 4-8 week old puppies, for she's the same size as a Bernese puppy at 6 weeks.

Lily can be seen out with us at Bernese club events, guarding our caravan or enjoying the fun classes with the girls.

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