Simba's Holiday Diary 2012
Written by Abby Welsh

Hello Everyone! It’s me Simba and this is my diary of my holiday in Benodet, Brittany in France.

To start with sometime in January my Mum and Dad took me out in the car to the Vets. The Vet lady gave me a nasty injection but I didn’t mind because I got a yummy biscuit and a ride in the car! Mum and Dad kept talking about this thing called Rabies but I don’t know what that is. Then I got my passport, it’s blue and has my name on the front!

Because I’m a smart dog I knew that we were going away in the Caravan because everyone kept putting stuff in it I had to remind Abby to put my toy’s in for me because I can’t sleep without Mr Grouse! I got worried in case they forgot to put me in the car when they left so I had to follow mum around all day while Abby and Ben were at school.

Friday 20th July 2012

Poor mummy didn’t get to go to bed last night because she was still packing but everyone got up really early, while it was still dark! Ben was complaining that it was one o’clock in the morning and I was excited because I knew we were going out in the car! Abby put on my harness and sat next to me in the car. When we were on the motorway I curled up and went to sleep happy that I hadn’t been left behind.

Simba Goes To FranceMuch later I woke up, Abby and Ben had got out of the car but then they came back and after stretching my legs too we got back on the motorway. We got to the ferry port at six o’clock and Abby had to scan my microchip, I didn’t like the machine because it kept beeping. Then we  got a special bright pink sticker with a paw print on. Next we parked up, Mum and Dad took me for a walk and everyone kept coming over and saying how lovely I was and Abby took me for a run so I was worn out again.
Then we got back in the car and Dad drove us onto the ferry, Abby put all the seats in the back of the car up and straightened out my bed while Dad opened the windows a little and gave me my breakfast then they all left me on my own in the car. So I went to sleep for a long time and then Mummy and Daddy came and let me out of the car and have a run around on the car deck then they put me back in the car and I went back to sleep.

When I woke up Abby was looking through the car window and smiling at me. I got up and she opened the door and gave me a hug while Mum moved my bed and water out of the way. When we got off the ferry I put my head out of the window and barked at the seagulls. Abby said I missed the cyclists because they were on the other side of the road.

Simba Goes To France We got to the campsite mid afternoon and I had to sit in the car with Abby while Dad parked the caravan. Then Abby took me for a walk around and some more funny sounding people made a fuss of me, they didn't speak English but I did recognize a few words that Abby sometimes says at home, Bonjour was one of them whatever that means?

When we got back Mum, Dad and Ben had started to set up the caravan so Abby tied me to the car and went to help. Dad went and got some pizzas from the site shop and saved me a bit of pepperoni to have with my tea.  Ben put up my tent for me close to the caravan and put all my stuff in.  The caravan door was left open so I could go in if I wanted but it was nice and cool outside and I could see people about so I settled in my tent.

Saturday 21st July 2012

Simba Goes To FranceThis morning when everyone was up and had finished breakfast we all went for a walk on the beach! I didn't go in the water though because it was cold. When we got back to the caravan I went for a sleep under the back of the car, well I would have but Dad and Mum decided to turn the caravan around because they're mad and I helped by trying to move my things but Mum said I was getting in the way so I went and sat under the back of the car. Then we all got in the car and drove to Benodet, there were lots of people and cars.  I sat outside the shops with Ben while Mum, Dad and Abby went in to have a look around.  Simba Goes To FranceThen we went back home and I sat in the caravan while dad and Ben put up the windbreaks and Abby lit the BBQ. Mum said that I had to stay on this side of the windbreaks but I was allowed to peek under them to see who was going past.

Sunday 22nd July 2012

I made some new friends today! This morning Dad went for a walk with me around the park and we met some other dogs, one of them looked a lot like me but was smaller. When we went back to the caravan Dad tried to go down to the beach without me! I was having none of that, so when no one was looking I snuck under the windbreak and charged after him. It was funny watching Abby trying to catch me up before I got to Dad. Mum and Ben soon followed us and I went in the water with Dad, it was really cold I couldn’t understand why there were people swimming and going right under the water. Later when I had dried off in the sun we went in the car to a place called Quimper. I was left in the car for a little while whilst everyone went shopping but when they got back Abby said I hadn’t missed much.

Simba Goes To FranceSimba Goes To FranceSimba Goes To France


Simba Goes To FranceMonday 23rd July 2012

Today I went all the way into the water because it was warm but I made sure I could always touch the bottom. Mum and dad went out shopping leaving me at the caravan with Abby and Ben. I was sat in the shade with my nose under the windbreak when the little boy from across the road came and stroked me. Abby saw him and took me out of the pitch to see him. I sat on his feet to have our picture taken by his Mum while Abby held my lead. She said I was a really good boy and gave me a special treat when we went back in.Simba Goes To France


Tuesday 24th July 2012

I went for a paddle a little deeper today but still not out of my depth. Mum got out the dinghy and blew it up.  I tried to help by sitting in it but that wasn’t much good according to Ben. We went to a place called Benodet today, Dad walked me along the road but wouldn’t let me go down onto the beach. Everyone had an ice cream apart from me but I didn’t mind because I got the end of Abby’s cone, that’s the best bit! We went back to the caravan and I had a sleep while Abby, Ben and Mum went to the pool.


Wednesday 25th July 2012

Simba Goes To FranceMore English people came to see me tonight and I started to swim (sort of). This morning I didn’t go for a long walk because we got up late but I went to the beach with Mum, Dad, Abby and Ben.  Abby got in the little dingy and paddled to a shin deep bit of water and I chased after her because it looked fun. She grabbed hold of my lead and I pulled her along in her boat back to Mum and Dad, it got a little deep at one point so I had to go the long way round at first. Simba Goes To FranceDad soon found a deep bit though and said that if I went to him I could have a biscuit! I couldn't refuse a biscuit so I went after him and got the biscuit, I was only just not able to reach the bottom because the tide was going out. Abby laughed and said I’d do anything for a biscuit, but who wouldn’t? Next we went to the showers. I didn’t want to have a shower, I liked being all sandy and dirty but Dad coaxed me in and held me while Mum washed me, then they all ran away when I tried to get them all wet!

This evening I was lead in the back of the truck with Dad when two men and a lady came over to us. I said hello to them and we started talking, then they went away and came back with some steak! I knew I liked them!

Thursday 26th July 2012

Dad took me for a different walk this morning past this old house that he liked. I liked it because it smelled of lots of stuff. I went for a bit more of a paddle as well, the water was deeper today so I had to swim. Abby laughed because I made a lot a splashing and I got her wet. Then I had to have another shower to get all the sand out of my feet. The people from the other day came and gave me some sausage!

Simba Goes To FranceSimba Goes To FranceSimba Goes To France

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 27th, 28th and 29th July 2012

It rained today.  I thought it was bad in England but it wasn’t cold rain. I stayed in my tent. I slept and Ben played with me and my grouse. Much of the same stuff really.

Simba Goes To FranceSimba Goes To FranceSimba Goes To France

Monday 30th July 2012

I went for another swim. I didn’t splash as much today and I found it quite fun. We went to a big market and I pushed a way through the crowd for everyone else. I had the end of Abby’s ice cream again before we went home. Tonight Abby and Dad had Crab claws. They spilt it all over the floor so I cleaned up for them. I quite enjoyed it too!

Simba Goes To FranceSimba Goes To FranceSimba Goes To France

Tuesday 31st August 2012

Simba Goes To FranceThere’s another English Bernese came onto the site today. She’s called Miley and is really shy.She’s only half a year older than me but still a little smaller. I was jealous because everyone made a fuss of her and not me.She came and watched me swimming this afternoon Simba Goes To Francebut didn’t come in the water herself, I don’t think she liked the water much.

This afternoon when the tide was right out we went across to the big sand dune and I had a run about because it was nice and cool. I chased the seagulls and then ran after Abby and Ben, they kept falling over in the soft sand but I had no problem. We went back to the caravan and because I’d been on the beach I had to have another shower. Then I went to see Miley before my tea.

Wednesday 1st August 2012

Me, Dad and Abby drove to Benodet today and Mum and Ben came after us on their bikes. Abby got out of the car at the ice cream place to wait for Mum and Ben while Dad and I parked. I couldn’t wait to get my ice cream when we had parked. I didn’t go swimming today because it was cooler and the beach was busy.

Simba Goes To FranceSimba Goes To FranceSimba Goes To France

Thursday 2nd August 2012

Abby stayed in the car with me this morning while the others went shopping. I laid on top of her on my back which always makes her laugh. Then we went for a walk around a little town.  I still wasn't allowed on the beach but Dad let me sit next to him while mum and Abby took some pictures of us. Then we went back to the caravan and down to the beach but I didn’t go swimming, instead I sat in the shade with Dad and watched Abby and Ben play with the boat.

Friday 3rd August 2012

Simba Goes To FranceAfter my walk and swim this morning Abby brushed me and took me for a shower. Then I had a chew and laid in the shade.

This afternoon we got in the car and went out. We went to a vets but I didn’t mind because it smelt of lots of nice things. I went on the scales and sat still, Dad said I weighed 53 Kilos! Then the vet checked me over and said I was lovely. Then she tried to give me two tablets I had the first one but it tasted yuck (I didn’t get any ham with it because Mum forgot it) so I refused the second one but Mum soon got it down me, much to my disappointment.

We went home and Abby took me to talk to Miley. I sulked when she finished and we went back to the caravan.


Saturday 4th August 2012

Simba Goes To FranceSimba Goes To FranceDad took me for a walk and a bit of a paddle but I didn’t have a shower.  I sat in the car and went on lots of little walks.

This evening everyone started putting things away Abby said not to worry and that we were going home tomorrow. Miley won’t be at home.


Sunday 5th August 2012

What a day! This morning Abby took me on a really long walk and Ben took me up the road to the toilet. When we got back we all had breakfast and then Abby did the washing up.  Everyone started packing up while I laid in the back of the car. Simba Goes To France I didn’t get out at all apart from when I was thirsty. Mum and Dad went for a shower while Abby sat with me. Just before Dad got back Miley’s parents came to see me.  Miley’s Dad went and brought her over which cheered me up a lot. I gave her a kiss and had my picture taken with her parents before saying goodbye to her and getting my harness on for in the car. Dad let me sit in the middle, on the seat rather than on the floor today.  Then we set off in the car.

We stopped at a little picnic area so I could go and stretch my legs and have a sniff. When we arrived at the ferry port, Abby took me for a wander and then Ben did before the three of us and mum went to check me in. Simba Goes To FranceThere was a big wooden desk that I couldn’t see over so I jumped up to see who was hiding behind it which made the lady laugh. Ben told me to get down and Abby scanned my microchip again. We got another pink sticker too! Then we went back to the car and I had a run around before getting in. It took ages to get on the ferry and we had to get out of the car so these people could look in it. Then we went to the front of the traffic and Ben and Abby took my picture with mum and Dad. Next we got on the ferry and I was left on my own again.

Much later Mum and Abby came and checked on me and gave me my tea. When everyone came back down I had a lot of fuss made out of me before we got back in the car, there was a noisy motorbike that I barked at. I barked when we drove off the ferry and Ben said that we were back in England. Then I went to sleep until one o’clock when we stopped so everyone could have some dinner. I had a run about and chased some rabbits. Because my feet were all wet I had to sit on the floor and go to sleep.

Monday 6th August 2012

We got home at 4.20am this morning. I had some toast and we all went to bed, everyone got up late but I didn’t mind because even I was tired. It was about Ten o’clock before Dad woke me up. He let me out and I started woofing and telling all my friends about my holiday in France.

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