It's Bath Time Tia Maria

Here is Tia Maria having her very first bath, aged 8 weeks old, with Mum Bernie and Canine Pal Honey.

Why am I standing in a giant puddle Mum? & why are you getting me all wet?

I'm not sure if I'm liking this? & you can stop laughing at me Honey, it'll be your turn next if you're not careful?

Quick, Come On Tia, Mum's gone, I'll help you escape ..... ooops too late, Mum's back!

Oooooo that tickles, do you really have to get me so clean? ....... my goodness you were dirty Tia!

Oh Mummy what have you done to me? I now look officially like a drown rat, but of course a princess one!

Honey help!! I'm all clean .......... Oh You poor love, let me give you a kiss

Here, let me dry you ........ I think Mum's Towel is better than your tongue Honey?

Oooooo this is much better, I could get used to all this attention!

That's some punky look you're sporting there Tia

Oooooo it's so nice to have my feet back on dry land, now this I much prefer

Let me help you dry Tia, Mum, I think you've missed a bit? I'll dry it for you

Look Honey, didn't we do a good job with Tia

Ahhhh lovely Tia, so cute, she's my best pal you know Mum

What a day!! thanks for looking after me earlier Honey, you're my best pal

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Sincere thanks to Bernie and Tim for photographing Tia's first bath to share with us all.

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