Amy & Bono's Puppies

Sire: Champion Jaybiem Utwo JW ShCM (Bono)
Dam: Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen (Amy)

Born ~ Sunday 1st November 2009 - 8 Puppies; 5 Girls & 3 Boys (All Born Naturally)

Week Five

Day Twenty Nine - 29th November 2009

MALES - (L-R) Number One Merlin ~ Number Three Bentley ~ Number Eight Merlin

FEMALES - (L-R) Number Two Honey ~ Number Four Lola ~ Number Five Katie

FEMALES - (L-R) Number Six Lilah ~ Number Seven Beth

Day Thirty - 30th November 2009

(Left) Male Pup One ~ Merlin (Middle) Female Pup Six ~ Lilah (Right) Male Pup Three ~ Bentley

(Left) Male Pup Eight ~ Merlin (Right) Male Pup Three ~ Bentley & Litter Mates

Day Thirty One - 1st December 2009

(L-R) Female Pup Seven Beth, Male Pup Three Bentley, Female Pup 5 Katie (Right) Katie

(Left) Beth & Merlin M1 (Middle) Merlin M1 & Chloe (Right) Laughing Beth

Day Thirty Two - 2nd December 2009

(Left) Male Pup One ~ Merlin (Right) The pups having their dinner of Royal Canin Puppy Porridge

(Left) Chloe kissing Female Pup four Lola (Right) Female Pup four Lola in deep thought?

Day Thirty Three - 3rd December 2009

Today the puppies had lots of new toys brought for them which as you can see they have all been really enjoying. As they are growing so quickly they have now out grown their small puppy pen so they have been moved into the large puppy pen so that they have plenty of space to play and run about.

Day Thirty Four - 4th December 2009

Bentley (Male Pup 3) happily playing with his car, Female Pup Four Lola playing with her Pink Loofa Doggy & Merlin (Male Pup 1) enjoying a tummy rub from Mervyn.

Day Thirty Five - 5th December 2009

Today we have stood, photographed and groomed all the puppies who are five weeks tomorrow. There are five photos for each pup which show the following ~ Sitting, Standing, Right Side, Left Side & Back View. Three of the pups have 6 photos as they have white marks on their necks. These white marks often go as the pup gets older.

Male Pup One ~ Merlin ~ Pasturegreen Trick or Treat

Female Pup Two ~ Honey ~ Pasturegreen Halloween

Male Pup Three ~ AKA Bentley ~ Pasturegreen Broomstick

Female Pup Four ~ Lola ~ Pasturegreen Pumpkin Pie

Female Pup Five ~ Katie ~ Pasturegreen Bewitched

Female Pup Six ~ Lilah ~ Pasturegreen Hubble Bubble

Female Pup Seven ~ Beth ~ Pasturegreen Magic Wand

Male Pup Eight ~ Merlin ~ Pasturegreen Abracadabra


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