Pasturegreen Trick or Treat (Merlin)
Sunday 1st November 2009 - Tuesday 17th June 2014
Sire: CH Jaybiem UTwo JW SHCM ~ Dam: Malynncastle Ambriel At Pasturegreen
Stud Book Number & 1 x RCC

Pasturegreen Trick or Treat (Merlin)Pasturegreen Trick or Treat (Merlin)Merlin was the pick of our Halloween Litter and was such a gentleman. He was the half brother to Anna and Bailey for they all shared the same Mother. He was a delight to show and share one's life with.

Merlin loved nothing better than eating and sleeping. We guessed that he had his Father's temperament as Mum Amy is far more bouncy. Merlin's father is top winning Champion Jaybiem UTwo JW ShCM.

Merlin started his show career showing a huge amount of potential. He qualified for Crufts 2011 at his second Championship show. Merlin won Reserve Best Puppy in Show being beaten by his litter sister Katie at the Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open Show in May 2010, Pasturegreen Trick or Treat (Merlin)he then took Best Puppy in Breed at Bath Championship Show the week later beating his litter sister Katie for the title of Best Puppy in Breed. He had a good 2010 show season winning many classes and qualifying himself for Crufts on many occasions.Pasturegreen Trick or Treat (Merlin)

Merlin started his second show year winning his Special Junior Dog class at Crufts 2011, he went on to spend the year winning nearly all his classes at Championship shows up and down the country and qualified for Crufts 2012 on many occasions. During this third show season he has won many classes at Championship level and qualified for Crufts 2013 on many occasions. Pasturegreen Trick or Treat (Merlin)He was considered to be one of our top show dogs here at Pasturegreen and was a pleasure to show. He could be seen at many of the big Championship shows around the country.

Pasturegreen Trick or Treat (Merlin)Merlin gained his Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen Award at 6 months old at the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain Garden Party 2010 and his Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen Award at 8 months at the Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club Working Weekend 2010. He had done very well in Bernese obedience competitions and was maturing into a very sizable and handsome male with fantastic head and bone.

Pasturegreen Trick or Treat (Merlin)During his fourth year in the show ring Merlin picked up his Stud Book Number at 3½ years and also his first RCC, qualifying him for life for Crufts. He continued to win many classes and was maturing into a stunning male.

Pasturegreen Trick or Treat (Merlin)Sadly Merlin always had a bit of a self destruct nature, when left, he would destroy anything he could and as hard as we tried to keep him safe he often found a way to eat and consume things he shouldn't, which ultimately was to be his downfall. Tragically whilst we were away on holiday he consumed a hand towel which became blocked, some while after coming though emergency surgery he dropped down dead from a sudden heart attack. Sadly Merlin couldn't cope with the anaesthetic, something we had never been aware of as he'd never had a anaesthetic before.

Pasturegreen Trick or Treat (Merlin)Merlin, we're certain had a great future ahead of him in the show ring, he was just maturing into a superb mature male and we were excited about the future. Chloe had already qualified for the JHA Semi Finals during her first year of Junior Handling and was looking forward to a Junior Handling future with Merlin. To loose Merlin at such a young age is beyond tragic and we will always be heart broken over his sudden and early death. We could scream about the unfairness of it but sadly it won't bring him back.

Pasturegreen Trick or Treat (Merlin)Rest in Peace Merlin, I can still see you lying at the bottom of the stairs, snoring your head off or lying on your back waiting for a belly rub, your lovely thick jet black coat just waiting for one of us to bury our faces in. I miss your bear hugs, how you'd misjudge when I was expecting you to jump up and put your paws on my shoulders, I miss you accidently knocking me flying in your excitement. As we show I miss having you there to show, you and I were a great team, Pasturegreen Trick or Treat (Merlin)you just knew when I needed you to be on your very best behaviour, when the moment counted to remain still or give one of your handsome glowing looks.

I miss the bond we had, be it on the grooming table, in the bath or in the show ring, your loving loyalty when out on walks or the way you attracted so much attention when we were out. Sadly you hated the hot weather, you always found it too much and when we have hot days we always say how much you'd have been huffing and puffing. When you were in the show ring with Chloe, you were such a professional that all Chloe had to do was hold the lead and you'd do all the rest, you were great together until you saw me your Mum and thought you should be at my side. Bailey your half brother misses you as his rock, you were always his big brother, the one to look up to and now he's had to step up to the mark as being top dog.

Run free big lad xxxx

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