Amy & Bono's Puppies

Sire: Champion Jaybiem Utwo JW ShCM (Bono)
Dam: Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen (Amy)

Born ~ Sunday 1st November 2009 - 8 Puppies; 5 Girls & 3 Boys (All Born Naturally)

Week Four

Day Twenty Two - 22nd November 2009

Where does the time go? I can't believe that the pups are three weeks old today! We started to wean the pups off Amy today. They have had three meals of Royal Canin Puppy Porridge and water and Amy has only fed them a few times, much to her delight not theirs!

(Left) Is it a Mirror Image? (Middle) The ultimate puppy position (Right) That's one fat bottom!

Day Twenty Three - 23rd November 2009

Today we have exchanged the puppy whelping mats for shredded paper specially designed for puppies. The benefits of this is a firmer base for the puppies to play on, more absorbent for all those puppy wee's and the added benefit of the loose shreds of paper knitting over any puppy poo to keep them cleaner. There was great excitement when the whelping box was deep filled with the shredded paper not to mention the cheer I'm sure my washing machine gave up to the end of an additional four loads of washing whelping mats per day! Tesco will suddenly wonder why their sales of washing powder have declined? The puppies seemed sensible enough not to try to eat the paper, which is always a concern and after the initial run about settled down to have their after breakfast snooze.

(Left) Female Pup Four - Lola (Middle) Amy giving Merlin - Male Pup One - a good clean
(Right) Male Pup Three - Bentley

(Left) Mmmm what's this funny stuff then? (Right) All this play makes one just so tried!

(Left) Amy feeding her pup's (Right) My what a big yawn!

Day Twenty Four - 24th November 2009

Goodness have I got a treat for you or what? below you will find links to four puppy movies taken of the puppies this morning playing including one of Amy coming to visit her puppies. These movies should open and play OK but might take a few minutes to load, but well worth the wait.

(Above) Feeding time (Below) Oh so cute!

Puppy Movie One | Puppy Movie Two | Puppy Movie Three | Mummy's Here Movie

Day Twenty Five - 25th November 2009

A month to Christmas, how scary is that? last night we moved the puppies from their whelping box where they have been since they were born into the puppy pens. These are still in the dog room and are bigger than the whelping box. The puppies soon settled down on the shredded paper which we had removed from their whelping box so that it smelt familiar. With hanging water bowls the puppies are now able to drink water without sitting in the bowl or turning it over and as the puppy pens have caged sides they are able to look out and watch the hustle and bustle of family life. We also weighed the puppies with the heaviest now 3kg (6lb 6oz) and the lightest 2.4kg (5lb 3oz).

Here is Chloe playing and cuddling the puppies. Along with some group photos.

Day Twenty Six - 26th November 2009

(Left) Male Pup 3 Bentley & Female Pup 4 Lola (Middle) Male Pup 3 Bentley
(Right) Male Pup One Merlin

(Left & Middle) Female Pup 4 Lola (Right) Female Pup 6 Lilah

Day Twenty Seven - 27th November 2009

I sincerely apologise for the quality of some today's photos. I had a slight accident with my camera and hope that it will have recovered by tommorrow?

(Left) Male Pup One Merlin (Middle) Female Pup Two Honey (Right) Male Pup Three Bentley

(Left) Female Pup Four Lola (Middle) Female Pup Five Katie (Right) Female Pup Six Lilah

(Left) Female Pup Seven Beth (Right) Male Pup Eight Merlin

Day Twenty Eight - 28th November 2009

(Left) Male Pup No.1 Merlin (Middle) Female Pup No.5 Katie (Right) Female Pups 5 Katie & 4 Lola

(Left) Female Pup No. 4 Lola (Middle) F4 Lola M8 Merlin M3 Bentley F5 Katie
(Right) Male Pup No.8 Merlin


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