Amy & Bono's Puppies

Sire: Champion Jaybiem Utwo JW ShCM (Bono)
Dam: Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen (Amy)

Born ~ Sunday 1st November 2009 - 8 Puppies; 5 Girls & 3 Boys (All Born Naturally)

Week Three

Day Fifteen - 15th November 2009

Today the pups had their first wormers. A messy job but not as messy as I had foreseen which was good.

(Left) Abbie & Pups (Right) Sweet Whisperings

(Left) Abbie & Pup Number One - Male - Merlin (Right) Four sleeping 15 day old pups

Female Pups (R-L) No. 2 Honey & No. 5 Katie

Day Sixteen - 16th November 2009

(L-R) Female Pups 6 Lilah & 7 Beth

Chloe playing with the pups

(Left) Male Pup One Merlin (Middle) Female Pup Two Honey (Right) Male Pup Three Bentley

(Left - Right) Female Pups Four Lola, Five Katie & Six Lilah

(Left) Female Pup 7 Beth (Right) Male Pup 8 Merlin

Day Seventeen - 17th November 2009

Today we gave the puppies their first taste of food with some Royal Canin puppy porridge. To say they liked it is an understatement and it soon got very messy. Every puppy seemed to want to roll in it, sit in it and make as much mess as possible, as the pictures show. I can see the Weanafeeders will be coming out tomorrow.

Mucky Pups having their first taste of foodMucky Pups having their first taste of foodMucky Pups having their first taste of food

Mucky pups covered in Royal Canin puppy porridge, I think I'll remember to take the whelping mats out next time to save on washing?

Day Eighteen - 18th November 2009

With the Weanafeeder out of the loft, feeding time was a much less messy affair this morning. Saying that the two pups who had the single bowls still got a bit mucky, but Mum Amy was soon on hand to clean them up and eat up any left overs.

Dozy Eighteen Day Old Pups

Pup Number One - Male - Merlin - Having a doze

(Left) Female Pup Number Five Katie (Middle & Right) Female Pup Number Six Lilah

Did you know that the white marks on the back of the puppy's neck often vanish as the weeks go on and isn't a major fault in the Breed Standard.

Day Nineteen - 19th November 2009

Amazingly I managed single handedly, to get the photos below, unfortunately they aren't of the best quality, for which I sincerely apologise, but what it does show is how similar the whole litter is like peas in a pod.

Day Twenty - 20th November 2009

(Left) Male Pup One - Merlin (Middle) Female Pup Two - Honey (Right) Male Pup Three - Bentley

(Left) Female Pup Four - Lola (Middle) Female Pup Five - Katie (Right) Female Pup Six - Lilah

(Left) Female Pup Seven - Beth (Right) Male Pup Eight - Merlin

Day Twenty One - 21st November 2009

(Left) Our Millie who was four months old yesterday looks on in amazement at one of the little pups in the whelping box - (Right) Amy feeding her eight pups now 21 Days Old, you could say she's just about had enough of feeding them and is choosing to spend more and more time away from them. I think they are giving her a bit of a rough time now. (Can you count all eight)?

Male Pup three - Bentley, doesn't he look sweet!


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