Amy & Bono's Puppies

Sire: Champion Jaybiem Utwo JW ShCM (Bono)
Dam: Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen (Amy)

Born ~ Sunday 1st November 2009 - 8 Puppies; 5 Girls & 3 Boys (All Born Naturally)

Week Two

Day Eight - 8th November 2009

(Left) Amy with Pups; Four - Lola, Seven - Beth & Eight - Merlin (L-R)
(Right) Sleeping Week Old Pups

Amy with Pups 4, 7 & 8 (L-R)Three sleeping week old pups

Female Pup Number Four - Lola, having a good clean from Mummy Amy

Amy giving Pup 4 a good clean

(Left) Pup Number One - Male - Merlin (Right) Pup One Merlin & Pup Two Honey (B-F)

Male Pup One at 1 Week OldMale Pup One with Female Pup Two on Top both 1 Week Old

(Left) Pup Number Two - Female - Honey (Right) Pup Two Honey & Pup Three Bentley (L-R)

Female Pup Two at 1 Week OldFemale Pup Two snuggled up in front of Male Pup three both 1 Week Old

Pup Number Three - Male - Bentley

Male Pup Three at 1 Week Old

Pup Number Four - Female - Lola

Female Pup Four at 1 Week old with Mum Amy

Pup Number Five - Female - Katie

Female Pup Five at 1 Week Old

Pup Number Six - Female - Lilah

Female Pup Six at 1 Week Old

Pup Number Seven - Female - Beth

Female Pup Seven at 1 Week Old with Mum AmyFemale Pup Seven at 1 Week Old with Mum Amy

Pup Number Eight - Male - Merlin

Male Pup Eight at 1 Week Old

Day Nine - 9th November 2009

Amy & her 9 Day Old PupsChloe 3 Years, dozing with  puppy in whelping box

Amy's puppies are now 9 days old, their eyes are beginning to open and most of them are trying to walk. They are consistently putting on a good 50g (2oz) per day and have now all passed their birth weights, having lost a fair amount of weight overnight when they were first born (this is expected). The puppies are still being weighed twice a day, 12 hours apart, so that detailed records can be kept. Philippa is still sleeping in the dog room with Amy and her puppies every night and has done so since they were born, to ensure all is well and will probably do so for at least another week, if not two. Amy is now spending short periods of time away from the puppies and enjoying the company of Harvey & Millie, who as of yet haven't meet Amy's puppies. The black is beginning to appear on the puppy's noses and paw pads as yesterday's pictures probably show.

Day Ten - 10th November 2009

(Left) Female Pups 2 - Honey & 4 - Lola (Middle) Chloe with Male Pup 8 - Merlin
(Right) Chloe with Male Pup 8 - Merlin

Female Pup Two & Female Pup Four having a nice dozeChloe with male pup eightChloe with Male pup Eight

(Left) Amy with Female Pup 5 - Katie (Right) Chloe enjoying the ten day old pups

Female pup 5 with AmyChloe enjoying the attentions of several of Amy's ten day old pups

Day Eleven - 11th November 2009

Pup Number One - Male - Merlin

Day 11 Male Pup One

Pup Number Two -Female - Honey

Day 11 Female Pup Two

(Left) Pup No: Three - Male - Bentley (Middle) Pup No: Four - Female - Lola
(Right) Pup No: Five - Female - Katie

Day 11 Male Pup ThreeDay 11 Female Pup FourDay 11 Female Pup Five

Pup Number Six - Female - Lilah (Do you like my Terrier impression)!

Day 11 Female Pup Six

Pup Number Seven - Female - Beth (Oi some of us are trying to sleep round here)!

Day 11 Female Pup Seven

Pup Number Eight - Male - Merlin

Day 11 Male Pup Eight

As you can see the puppies noses are gaining their black pigmentation with some puppies noses blacker than others. Most of the pups have their eyes half open now and they can walk a few wobbly steps. When they sense that Philippa has climbed into the whelping box to help Amy back in (to ensure no one gets trodden on) they all dash across the box towards her. As each day passes this dash becomes faster and faster and often they reach Amy well before she has had a chance to lye down. This is why it's important that Philippa is there to ensure that no one gets squashed whilst Amy settles down to feed everyone.

Day Twelve - 12th November 2009

(Left) Amy feeding all 8 pups (Right) Sleeping Pup

Amy feeding her 12 day old pupsSleeping Pup

Oh Yikes, I think I'm stuck! How about if I wriggle a bit, OH NO, still stuck, HELP! HELP!

Female Pup 6 getting herself well and truely stuck!Female Pup 6 getting herself well and truely stuck!Female Pup 6 getting herself well and truely stuck!

Day Thirteen - 13th November 2009

Mum, do you think I could do the limbo? am I flat enough, do you think?

Amy having a nice doze

(Left) Male Pup Three - Bentley nicknamed Mr C due to the white letter C on his belly.

Male Pup Three(L & R) Female Pups 5 & 6

(Right) Katie - Female Pup Five & Lilah - Female Pup Six

(L & R) Female Pup 7 & Male Pup ThreeMale Pup 8

(Left) Beth Female Pup Seven & Bentley Male Pup Three
(Right) Male pup Eight - Merlin

Day Fourteen - 14th November 2009

(Left) Amy in her Whelping Box (Right) Pup Number Six - Female - Lilah

Amy in her Whelping BoxFemale Pup 6

Sleeping 14 Day Old Puppies

Sleeping Pups at 14 Days OldSleeping Pups at 14 days old


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