Amy's Third Litter - The Irish Litter

Week Eight

Born: 7th November 2011

Three Boys & One Girl

Sire: Irish Champion Kinelarty Midnight Star Gaze (Harvey)
Dam: Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen (Amy)

Day Fifty - 26th December 2011

(Top) Left - Mr Red - Right - Mr Blue
(Bottom) Left - Mr Purple - Right - Miss Pink

The weeks are whizzing by now. The Pups are spending part of each day now playing out of the puppy room, but under cover, unless the weather is nice and they can venture properly outside for short periods of time. They are still young enough to get cold so every care has to be taken that their play times out of the puppy pen are during the warmer part of the day and under careful supervision.

The heaviest two; Mr Red & Mr Blue, continue to swop places on a daily basis for the heaviest puppy position. This is the first litter we have been able to continue to weigh each puppy daily and this is only possible due to our proper Veterinary small animal scales. Mr Red & Mr Blue are around the 7½ kg mark with Mr Purple not far behind and Miss Pink bringing up the rear, but then bitches usually do weigh less than dogs.

The puppies are continuing to eat Royal Canin Giant Starter, in it's dry form, three times a day and are consuming over 2kg of food between them, daily. It won't be long before they will move onto the Royal Canin Giant Puppy food.

The Irish Litter can be rather vocal at times and over confident, quickly getting themselves in a muddle, which is why they need careful watching when outside, for they just love to explore any nook and cranny and it would be very easy for them to get stuck somewhere.

Whereas the Irish Litter has met our adult and younger Bernese they generally only see Mum or play on their own outside, for some of our younger Bernese can get rather overexcited around the puppies and they could easily get hurt. Some of our older Bernese aren't that excited about baby puppies and can quickly get grumpy having their ankles nipped or their ears pulled but Mum Amy is far more tolerant for of course these are her babies and one is always more forgiving of one's own brood.

Day Fifty One - 27th December 2011

Mr Blue and his beloved red ring!

Every evening Mervyn sits with the Irish Litter and gives them some quality attention. During the day he's more often or not at work so doesn't get the time to spend much time with them. It's important for the puppies wellbeing that they get to spend time with male and female humans as well as the girls.

Day Fifty Two - 28th December 2011

Today the Irish Litter all had their Veterinary Health Checks, their first inoculations and were micro-chipped so they are ready for their new homes next week. Because Mr Red is going to live with his Father in Ireland he has now got his very own Pet Passport.

Day Fifty Three - 29th December 2011

Day Fifty four - 30th December 2011

Mr Red - Pasturegreen Irish Prince - McKenzie

Mr Blue - Pasturegreen Irish Cream - Bailey

Mr Purple - Pasturegreen Irish Dancer - Murphy

Day Fifty five - 31st December 2011

(L-R) Mr Red - Pasturegreen Irish Prince - McKenzie - Mr Blue - Pasturegreen Irish Cream - Bailey

(L-R) Mr Purple - Pasturegreen Irish Dancer - Murphy & Miss Pink - Pasturegreen Irish Beauty - Keela

Day Fifty Six - 1st January 2012

Mr Red - Pasturegreen Irish Prince - McKenzie with his new family the Benson's

Mr Purple - Pasturegreen Irish Dancer - Murphy with his new family the Cartwright's

Miss Pink - Pasturegreen Irish Beauty - Keela with her new family the Hexter's

The Irish Litter Story will now continue on their own litter page


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