Amy's Third Litter - The Irish Litter

Week Four

Born: 7th November 2011

Three Boys & One Girl

Sire: Irish Champion Kinelarty Midnight Star Gaze (Harvey)
Dam: Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen (Amy)

Day Twenty Two - 28th November 2011

The expression "MUCKY PUPS" springs to mind!!

Today Miss Pink and Mr Purple are now four times their birth weight!! You would think with Mr Blue hogging the food that he'd now be four times his birth weight but as he was heavier than Miss Pink and Mr Purple at birth he has to put on more than them to achieve the same status. As much as it looks like he's getting more than his fair share we carefully watch over the pups when they feed to ensure all get a good look in.

Weaning time is always a scary time, for their bodies have to quickly learn how to cope with food but to see the pups lapping up their Royal Canin and then pooing and weeing on their own properly, without Amy licking their tummies to help stimulate them, is a wonderful sight.

Also because Amy is eating the same food as them, there are no upset tummies, for her milk has been produced by her eating the same food as the pups are now being weaned onto. It all makes sense when you think about it.

The pups still love their milk and when they've had a tummy full of Royal Canin they patiently or not as the case maybe, wait for Amy to clear up so they can have some milk. As you can see, some of them can almost feed off her whilst she's standing up.

Day Twenty Three - 29th November 2011

The Irish Litter, who all seem to have very good hearing, seem to really love having their photo taken and need little encouragement to pose.

(L-R) Miss Pink, Mr Blue, Mr Red & Mr Purple

(L-R) Miss Pink, Mr Blue, Mr Red & Mr Purple

(L-R) Miss Pink, Mr Blue, Mr Purple & Mr Red

(L-R) Miss Pink, Mr Blue, Mr Purple & Mr Red

(L-R) Miss Pink, Mr Blue, Mr Purple & Mr Red

(L-R) Miss Pink, Mr Blue, Mr Purple & Mr Red

(L-R) Miss Pink, Mr Blue, Mr Purple & Mr Red

(L-R) Miss Pink, Mr Blue, Mr Red & Mr Purple

Mr Red & Mr Blue are now both four times their birth weight too.

Day Twenty Four - 30th November 2011

Today the Weanafeeders came out. A Weanafeeder is a plastic feeding station where the puppies can eat from their own bowls, in our case this Weanafeeder is a Royal Canin red one.

By feeding the puppies from a Weanafeeder it allows each puppy the chance to eat their meal without being pushed around by it's litter mates.

We have found that when we feed our puppies in this way that they generally eat more and stay much cleaner for they aren't able to climb into their dinner bowls and get covered in food, like they can with the baking tray.

The pups took to feeding from their own bowls straight away with little encouragement and stayed until their bowl was almost finished, they actually ate more than when they used to eat all together.

Each little station is the perfect height for the pups to comfortably place their head into their bowl. The bowls are removable stainless steel ones for ease of cleaning, it also means one can monitor who's eating all their meal ration and who is leaving any.

Today we didn't mash their food up as much to try and encourage the pups to munch rather than lap their meals. As of yet they don't have any teeth but it won't be long before they suddenly appear.

Day Twenty Five - 1st December 2011

Today the pup's top jaw of teeth came though, so they now have half their baby teeth. The bottom jaw of teeth look like they are just breaking though the gum so I guess they will be though tomorrow? Unlike humans who cut one tooth at a time, with considerable amount of fuss, puppies cut an entire row of teeth in a matter of hours. These teeth are razor sharp and don't fall out until the puppy is 4 months of age, whereupon they gain their adult teeth, one by one.

Mr Red - Irish Boy One

A new surface for the pups to discover was our grooming table, which they found a tad unnerving to start with. But like everything once they had got over the initial shock they were relaxed and not bothered. Which is just as well as for a couple of them at least they are likely to spend many hours on such a table being prepared for shows over the course of many years.

Mr Blue - Irish Boy Two

Today the puppies will have had four meals of Royal Canin and will only have had their Mother's milk after these meals. Amy has got to the stage where the pups are so rough with her that she's really not that keen to feed them. Which is quite good as we are trying to dry her up and wean the pups completely off her.

Mr Purple - Irish Boy Three

Once again I notice the puppies need their nails trimming, it's becoming an almost daily job and something they are well used to now. At the moment they are small enough to be held in the crook of one's arm like a baby and are perfectly relaxed in this position but as they grow they will have to learn to have their nails trimmed sitting or standing up.

Miss Pink - Our Only Irish Girl

Day Twenty Six - 2nd December 2011

Looks like the Irish Litter is ready to move out of the whelping box and into their puppy run, at this rate they are going to be escaping on us!

Tonight all the puppies are five times their birth weight!

Day Twenty Seven - 3rd December 2011

Today the puppies were introduced to the white shredded paper bedding. Over the past few days they have become more and more messy so we felt the timing was right for a change. This means no more washing whelping mats which I'm sure my washing machine will be thrilled about!!

The reason why we use white shredded paper for our older puppies instead of newspaper is simple, it not only keeps the puppies an awful lot cleaner which means less washing of the puppies but also it gives them a warm, dry and cosy environment to live and play in.

This paper is specially produced for rearing puppies on and is clean, dust free and new, it is technically produced from the end of the rolls from which Newspaper is printed but this is clean and hasn't any news print on, so not itchy for the pups. We buy it in bales and over the next four weeks we will get though a couple of hundred pounds worth.

When a puppy wee's the wee soaks into the paper and because the paper is deep filled in the whelping box and later the puppy run it is kept away from the puppy. Also when the puppy poo's the shreds automatically knit over the poo and keep the puppies clean. For us we just come along and pick up any yellow or brown patches.

If we used Newspaper, then as soon as a puppy wee'd or poo'd the others would sit in it, lye in it and very quickly the area would become soiled and the puppies would smell and get covered in wee and poo and so therefore would need washing. It would be a constant clean up job and a bit of a loosing battle.

Also newspaper placed upon a floor makes for a hard flat surface, however deep filling a pen with shredded paper makes for a soft area and should the puppies bounce around they are less lightly to hurt themselves. We have also found that the puppies rather like making hollows to lye in and find the new bedding rather exciting.

One would think the pups would eat the paper but over the last few litters we've reared in this way they don't seem to, which is good for this could be a cause for concern.

Day Twenty Eight - 4th December 2011

Today the pups were given new toys to play with. They are learning to play, rolling around and play fighting with each other. To see them learning to interact with each other is lovely to watch for it is in these next four weeks that they will learn vital life skills about playing and interacting with others. Puppies who are sold before eight weeks or those who are singleton's in a litter don't always get on with other dogs as well as those who have had this time to learn the hard way playing with it's litter mates. These toys were all purchased from Big Dog World who we highly recommend for all things giant breed.

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