The exclusive club only open to those lucky enough to own a Pasturegreen Bernese.

Team Pasturegreen is our extended family and every family who is lucky enough to own one or more of our Bernese is automatically a member.

We aim to encourage the Pet owning families of our Bernese to come out and enjoy some Bernese club events hosted by the various Bernese Mountain Dog Clubs around the country. Also at these events we try and have litter reunions where we get all the puppies from a litter back together again with Mum and sometimes Dad too. We also have regular features and events aimed at our families for everyone to take part in, wherever they maybe in the country.

Team Pasturegreen Features, Quiz's & Virtual Shows are open to all Team Pasturegreen families and it is up to each family if they wish to take part. Every effort is made that when there is a competition within Team Pasturegreen that it is fair for every family who takes part.

At Bernese club events each member of Team Pasturegreen who attends can earn points to win prizes at the end of the day or event. At each event the person; child or adult who gains the most points from that event's classes will win the Event prizes along with some other goodies. The runner up will also receive prizes with a further four places all receiving a lovely rosette and all other Team Pasturegreen children attending the event will receive a Team Player Rosette. Furthermore Big Dog World who kindly sponsor Team Pasturegreen will give each of the six places some dog treats with the Event Winner also getting a toy for their dog. We are also given free dog treats by Royal Canin for each of our families attending.

2013 is the third year that Team Pasturegreen has been in operation and over five Bernese club events the person; child or adult, who has gained the most points throughout the year will win the Overall Team Pasturegreen Cup along with a superb rosette with the reserve winning an equally superb rosette and and four runners up all receiving a rosette and prizes. The winner will also receive a 20kg bag of Royal Canin Giant food for their Bernese and Big Dog World will be kindly giving the winner and five runners up a goodie bag for their dog. There will also be special prizes on offer.

The Point System is worked out in the following way:

1st Place in Any Class - Working or Non Working - 6 Points
2nd Place in Any Class - Working or Non Working - 5 Points
3rd Place in Any Class - Working or Non Working - 4 Points
4th Place in Any Class - Working or Non Working - 3 Points
5th Place in Any Class - Working or Non Working - 2 Points
6th Place in Any Class - Working or Non Working - 1 Point

Extra Points will be awarded in the following way:

Overall Junior Handler Winner - 10 Points
Pass in any Level of the Working Cart Course - 10 Points
Character Assessment Grade Excellance - 15 Points
Character Assessment Grade Pass - 10 Points
Pass in any Kennel Club Good Citizen Award - 15 Points
Overall Winner of the Working Bernese Award - 20 Points

Points are calculated per person; child or adult not per family and are non transferable between family members.

Where there is a tie on the total number of points the placing is determined upon the number of competitors in the classes where the points were awarded.

Team Pasturegreen points can only be collected from the above events and not from any other show or event.

Chloe & Abbie Green can complete for Team Pasturegreen but only on their own merits. Any awards Philippa & Mervyn Green receive won't count towards Team Pasturegreen.

Any handler not related to a Team Pasturegreen family can not complete for points with Team Pasturegreen.

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