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Tia Maria New Born Pictures

Monday 9th January 2012
Tia Maria at One Week

Monday 16th January 2012
Tia Maria at Two Weeks

Tia Maria is now over three times her birth weight weighing in around the 1.8kg mark. She's as solid as they come and such a bonny lass. Her eyes have now opened and are the normal colour, to start with puppy's eyes look Navy Blue but soon change to the classic dark brown colour.

Tia Maria is very quiet and laid back, she loves to be cuddled and have her tummy tickled whilst lying in the crook of one's arm. Her Mother is still obsessed with her but hasn't picked her up in her mouth for some days now, not that we're surprised for Tia Maria such a solid puppy.

There will be no mistaking Tia Maria when she's older for she's very unique with one brown eye brow and her little black mark on her white chest. With her Four white paws and brown bottom with white tipped tail, she's really special.

Monday 23rd January 2012
Tia Maria at Three Weeks

Tia Maria is now walking. Her ears are now open and she can hear sounds. One always notices when they can as the slightest thing gets a major response. Tia Maria continues to be very affectionate and loving and has a super nature and temperament, she is best described as quiet and solid.

Monday 30th January 2012
Tia Maria at Four Weeks

Tia Maria or Tia for short has now got all her teeth though and is eating her Royal Canin Giant Starter dry. Therefore she's now drinking water from a bowl. Her Mother who is still a tad obsessed with her is still feeding her a couple of times a day after meals but each day we are reducing her visits and she's now not sleeping with Tia at night.

Tia is now 3½kg in weight and is just solid. She has a lovely thick coat coming, a long chunky tail and big feet and looks like she's going to be a big girl.

Tia has started to learn to play and enjoys her rag toy. She can be vocal at times and barks occasionally but mostly she's very cute and cuddly and just loves getting human attention. It is such a shame she has no litter mates to play with for it's at this age that she really could do with some to rough and tumble around with.

Monday 6th February 2012
Tia Maria at Five Weeks

Tia Maria is now 4½ kilos in weight and maturing very nicely. She's quite a vocal madam when she wants attention and enjoys spending supervised play time with our older puppy Bailey who is thirteen weeks today.

Tia is still weighed each day to ensure she's putting on weight. She misses her Mother and her Mother misses her too but for almost a week now they've had no company and Tia is managing just fine without her Mother's over the top attentions.

Here are a selection of pictures taken today of Tia playing with the girls.

Monday 13th February 2012
Tia Maria at Six Weeks

Tia has now left us and is living with her new family the Cooks in Buckinghamshire. Pictured Left is Tia with her new Mum & Dad, Bernie and Tim.

Bernie & Tim have waited four years to own a Bernese Mountain Dog and now they have the super quality, most adorable, chunky Tia to share their lives with.

Tia's also has a new canine pal called Honey a mature Cocker Spaniel and a household of older children to give her plenty of attention.

Before Tia left us we made the most of her sitting on the sofa waiting for her new family to arrive, what a complete darling she is.

Later on a super collection of pictures taken of Tia in her new home arrived, for which we are most grateful, as you can see she already seems really happy and settled in her new home.

Monday 20th February 2012
Tia Maria at Seven Weeks

Tia Maria is getting on really nicely in her new home, with the Cook Family. She is carrying on her "Little Madam" ways but once she can go out and is able to undertake her puppy training she'll have something different to focus her attentions on, than demanding attention all the time.

Tia and her canine pal Honey are becoming fast friends which is super and what we had hoped would happen. It's good that they have become friends so very quickly before Tia is huge compared to Honey.

Tia now weighs in at 6.9kg and is going to have her first inoculation and her microchip on Wednesday. She will then be able to take trips out in the car and visit friends.

We thank the Cook Family for sending us these super pictures of Tia Maria so that her weekly diary can continue.

Thursday 23rd February 2012
Tia Maria at 7½ Weeks

Ooooooo Mid Week Photos of Tia Maria - Thank you Bernie

Monday 27th February 2012
Tia Maria at Eight Weeks

Tia Maria continues to delight and give her new family a lot of love and pleasure, she loves to pose for photos as do most Pasturegreen puppies, must be something we imprint on them from birth with them having their picture taken so much?

Tia has now had her first inoculation and has been microchipped along with her 8 week wormer.

Tia is currently weighing in at 8.1kg so in line with her many cousins and relatives who weighed around the same at the same age.

As you can see, Tia is maturing into a beautiful girl, her facial white is becoming less and less noticeable, week upon week and what an amazing coat she is developing and what a solid appearance she has. Tia also looks like she's beginning to get a few freckles on her nose which will make her look even more endearing. It is also lovely to see her playing with her canine companion Honey, the Cocker Spaniel.

We thank the Cook Family for another super selection of pictures of Tia Maria.

Tia Maria's Story will now continue on her Showcase Page


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