Amy's Third Litter - The Irish Litter

Week Three

Born: 7th November 2011

Three Boys & One Girl

Sire: Irish Champion Kinelarty Midnight Star Gaze (Harvey)
Dam: Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen (Amy)

Day Fifteen - 21st November 2011

As we've had Pasturegreen Abracadabra aka the other Merlin from the Halloween Litter staying these past 17 days, Debbie got to meet the Irish Litter when she came to collect him. Today's pictures are of Debbie holding each of the pups in turn.

Mr Red - Irish Boy One

You will notice that today the puppy's foam collars have been replaced with proper fabric collars, the boys all have the same colour collar with white spots on and the girl has a pink patterned collar on. The collars we use are specially designed for puppies from birth. They are used for identification purposes and even though they are well made, if put under pressure they will break and come apart. The foam ones we were using up until now needed no encouragement to snap!

Mr Blue - Irish Boy Two

Also today the pups are being wormed for the first time, a messy job but a necessary one for their wellbeing, they will be wormed every two weeks until they are 8 weeks and then again at 12 weeks and then monthly until six months, from then on three monthly for life. Regular worming is extremely important for a puppy or dog as to carry a worm burden isn't good for their health. Also children can pick up a nasty disease from dog poo if the dog isn't wormed properly.

Mr Purple - Irish Boy Three

Miss Pink - Our Only Irish Girl

Day Sixteen - 22nd November 2011

The pups are getting more active now and playful with each other - they are still not 100% on their feet yet but are walking so much more now.

Day Seventeen - 23rd November 2011

The puppies are developing at an alarming speed now, every day they seem to be noticeably more advanced than the day before. Heads are really starting to shape up nicely and several are showing signs of having Harvey's really good stop. The puppies recognise us when they see us and come scamping along, which is so lovely and at times can be quite vocal.

Day Eighteen - 24th November 2011

Miss Pink & Mr Purple have now tripled their birth weights, with the slightly heavier Mr Red & Mr Blue, almost identical in weight, fast approaching tripling theirs.

Mr Red - Irish Boy One

We always weigh our puppies twice in each 24 hour period and 12 hours apart and we keep detailed records for all our puppies and their weights, which makes for interesting comparisons.

Mr Blue - Irish Boy Two

In Litters one often gets puppies which are similar to each other and we have this with the Irish Litter for Mr Red & Mr Blue are like two peas in a pod and Mr Purple and Miss Pink are very similar to each other with a little more white on their faces.

Mr Purple - Irish Boy Three

Usually by now we've started to wean a litter but as Amy is doing such a good job feeding them and it's not taking too much out of her we will wait a few more days before the feedaweaners make an appearance.

Miss Pink - Our Only Irish Girl

Day Nineteen - 25th November 2011

Goodness me, one month to Christmas!!

The Irish litter have such thick coats that seeing their coloured collars is proving to be most difficult, so I've attached part of their old foam collar to their new collars so that we can tell them apart at a glance more easily.

(L-R) Mr Red, Miss Pink & Mr Purple - Mr Red, Miss Pink, Mr Purple & Mr Blue

(L-R) Mr Red, Miss Pink, Mr Purple & Mr Blue - Mr Purple - Mr Purple (no teeth as of yet)

(L-R) Mr Red & Mr Purple - Mr Red - Mr Purple & Miss Pink

(L-R) Mr Blue - Mr Blue - Mr Blue & Miss Pink

(L-R) Mr Blue - Miss Pink - Mr Purple - Miss Pink

Mr Purple enjoying cuddles with Chloe

The black pigmentation is coming though on the puppy's noses differently which does help to tell them apart in the pictures. It won't be that long before their noses are completely black.

Day Twenty - 26th November 2011

Today it was a big day for the Irish Litter for they had their very first meal. We have started to wean them and so will increase their food and reduce Amy's visits over the next week.

They are being weaned in the same way as we have weaned all our other litters onto Royal Canin Giant Starter dried food which is soaked in boiling water which when cool makes the Royal Canin lovely and mushy.

This food used to be called Royal Canin Baby Dog years ago but they revamped the food and changed the name.

Amy has been fed this food dried from the day we found out she was expecting the Irish litter. It's has the smallest granule size of the Royal Canin Giant Range and is a food specially designed to help pregnant bitches and wean baby puppies.

Our Pasturegreen puppies tend to be good eaters for not only are they weaned onto Royal Canin but we strongly encourage all our puppy owners to continue to rear their puppies on Royal Canin for at least the first two years of their lives.

We believe that you can't give a Bernese a better more complete diet than Royal Canin and we know that if you feed the correctly food and the correct amount at the correct age then you are more than likely to end up with a mature Bernese with an excellent coat and in good condition.

As you can see the Irish litter are thoroughly enjoying their new food and when their bellies were full Mum Amy came along and finished it off and then set to work cleaning up her filthy puppies!!

Whilst Mum was busy clearing up, her pups were trying to reach her milk bar but just weren't quite tall enough and when Mum was ready, she laid down and they got their milk.

Day Twenty One - 27th November 2011

The pups have put on 250g a piece in 24 hours which is a huge weight gain and all down to the fact that they've now had two meals of Royal Canin Giant Starter, they'll be no stopping them now and they are each like a bag of sugar to pick up, really big and solid.

Mr Red - Irish Boy One

Philippa went back to her normal bed last night, she has slept next to Amy and the Irish Litter for the past 21 nights ensuring all is well in our Puppy Room and even though it may sound like a tough challenge it really is no hardship for our Puppy Room is so warm and comfortable.

Mr Blue - Irish Boy Two

Now that the puppies are having solid food they don't need so many night time feeds of milk off Amy so Philippa's attentions aren't really needed all night anymore and as she can hear what's going on in the puppy room from the baby monitor in the bedroom she can rest assure all is well.

Mr Purple - Irish Boy Three

Here are the Irish Litter posing for shots on the bed in our Puppy Room. As you can see they are all very similar in appearance but their characters are all different. Thank goodness for their collars!

Miss Pink - Our Only Irish Girl

Follow the Irish Litter's Diary into Week Four


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