Amy's Third Litter - The Irish Litter

Week Two

Born: 7th November 2011

Three Boys & One Girl

Sire: Irish Champion Kinelarty Midnight Star Gaze (Harvey)
Dam: Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen (Amy)

Day Eight - 14th November 2011

Today the puppies are trying to walk and their eyes are beginning to open, their characters are coming through and their funny ways.

If you can't tell the different between Mr Red & Miss Pink in these pictures, then just look at the noses. For Miss Pink still has a fully pink nose whereas Mr Red's nose is beginning to get it's black pigmentation.

Noses & Paw Pads are Pink on Bernese puppies when they are born but slowly over the first 8 weeks turn black.

Day Nine - 15th November 2011

Today the Irish Litter were introduced to a couple of the girls Barbie Dolls, which caused much interest!

Day Ten - 16th November 2011

Today all the puppies have doubled their birth weight and are each weighing in around the 1kg 300g mark.

Mr Red - Irish Boy One

~ ~ ~

Mr Blue - Irish Boy Two

~ ~ ~

Mr Purple - Irish Boy Three

~ ~ ~

Miss Pink - Our Only Irish Girl

Day Eleven - 17th November 2011

If you look very carefully you'll see that some of the puppies have or are starting to open their eyes.

Even though Bernese are supposed to have dark brown eyes they are navy blue in colour to begin with.

Occasionally one gets a pale blue eye in a Bernese which is a fault.

Miss Pink only has a few spots of black on her nose so is easy to tell apart from Mr Red who has much more.

Day Twelve - 18th November 2011

With it being Children In Need the girls are sporting their spots among the pups. As you'll see the pups are getting more active and are now much more able to hold their heads up. You'll also see some more eyes open. Until I put this collection of photos together I didn't realise how popular Mr Blue was today!

Day Thirteen - 19th November 2011

Amy is doing a very good job feeding the Irish Litter - they are all around 1½kg now and putting on between 80g - 100g each per day.

The Irish Litter are still in the whelping box and will be for another two weeks. The whelping box is made of UPVC which is then lined with non slip vinyl to keep it water tight and then lined with non slip whelping mats which are made from Vet Bed with a plastic stiffener liner to ensure they don't move. The Whelping mats keep the pups dry and warm and are washed every day, two whelping mats are needed to line the whelping box and each whelping mat has to be followed in four to fit into the washing machine. Which amounts to a lot of extra washing. The whelping box has roll bars around the four sides, (front bar has just been removed) this ensures the pups can get away from Mum and hopefully help prevent her from sitting or rolling on one. Above the whelping box is a 250w heat lamp to ensure the pups are kept warm enough and our puppy room is kept at 80f.

Day Fourteen - 20th November 2011

Mr Red - Irish Boy One

Mr Blue - Irish Boy Two

Mr Purple - Irish Boy Three

Miss Pink - Our Only Irish Girl

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