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The Bernese Mountain Dog is like no other breed of dog. Beautifully marked with rich tan markings, black glossy straight coat and white paws, tail tip and facial stripe, that's how they come and no they shouldn't come in any other colours! A fabulous sight to behold anyone who spots one walking down the high street or a huge gathering of them at a Bernese club event or show. People always say how they are all the same and how one can tell them apart but if you look closely you'll find no too are identical and certainly the amounts of tan and white vary between them. They may all look the same from a distance but they're not and certainly their personalities are all different too. Many people who get totally under the spell of the Bernese Mountain Dog often find that one is not enough and before long another comes along. They are big, strong, powerful dogs and not ideally suited to everyone and or their situations. They don't thrive in a household where they are on their own for long periods of time, nor do they like living in kennels. A Bernese should only be considered for a household where they will be a major part of it and will spend a large part of the day with human company. They are great with children and other animals.

Aren't I handsome, Harvey at 26 monthsTo find out more about the Bernese Mountain Dog and the orgins of the breed click here. If you'd like further reading about this wonderful breed, click here for a list of good Bernese Mountain Dog books, most of which second hand copies can be obtained by contacting Philippa, especially some of the out of print books, click the link above.

When you own a Bernese Mountain Dog you become part of a huge family of like minded people who adore the breed. All over the country there are Bernese Mountain Dog breed clubs which hold events throughout the year from serious shows to fun days where you can enter your Bernese from everything from biscuit catching to prettiest bitch. Also you can try your hand at obedience, agility and carting once your dog is 18 months old. To find out more about carting click here. Also at these events you can enter your dog for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards and for Character Assessing. The breeder of your Bernese should always be available to help you with any problems or queries you may have regarding your dog. Further help can be obtained from any of the Breed Clubs and from Jude Simonds a leading authority on the breed.


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