2010 News

Amy has superb litter of Nine sired by Goodboy van't Stokerybos

On 2nd December 2010 Amy gave birth naturally to nine puppies, five boys and four girls. We are extremely grateful to Anne Longbottom who agreed to allow us to use her fabulous Boycie aka Goodboy Van't Stokerybos to sire our Amy's second litter. The theme for this litter is the Snow Litter as they were born when we had all that awful snow with all the puppy's Kennel Club names all being Pasturegreen Snow something. To see the first eight week photographic story of the snow litter click here.

The snow litter at only a few days old

Wonderful Weekend of Fun at Kelso for the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland Championship Weekend 6th - 8th August 2010

On Friday we headed up to Kelso for our annual long weekend for the BMDCOS Champ show weekend. Lucy Brewer & AbbieDarcy Brewer & ChloeWe set up camp next to our friends; the Brewer family and combined windbreaks to make a nice enclosure for all our children and dogs. Even though we had the odd shower of rain it was a fantastic weekend, so much so that we stayed Sunday night and didn't drive home until the Monday. Mervyn didn't need much convincing from Debbie on the benefits of stopping an extra night and as the sun was shining and we were having such a good time, Mervyn was much happier at the prospect of sitting in his chair all afternoon instead of packing up and driving home. The Brewer family had a much more successful weekend than we did but with Amy & Millie both out of coat it wasn't that surprising.

The Saturday was the champ show. Mervyn in Swiss costume with Amy and her decorated Swiss cart helped open the proceedings as part of the largest carting parade of the year which was lead by the Scottish Piper. The Brewers Merlin handled very nicely by Mum Debbie was placed 2nd in the Maiden Dog Class and 3rd in the Novice Class at the Champ Show.

The Judge Anne Wells wrote ..... Brewer's Pasturegreen Abracadabra.  Another young dog and handler that needs a bit more practice to build that confidence, good head and expression enough bone for size topline a bit high over rump, movement when settled OK. Considering his lack of experience he did extremely well in such a high profile competition.

(Left - Right) Pictures 1 & 2 - Katie being judged - Pictures 3 & 4 Millie being judged

Katie got a 4th in her puppy bitch class but the others weren't placed. We were also thrilled to see Sophie's daughter, Meg, Harvey's half sister and her family who we haven't seen since this time last year. Meg has matured into a lovely shaped Bernese with plenty of bone and size and has a fabulous coat which I would have loved to have been on our Millie and or Amy.

During the lunch break on the Saturday & Sunday, Mervyn with Amy were part of the working cart demonstration in the main ring with Philippa and Millie who was pulling a small training log. This was the first time that Millie had done any cart training and took to it straight away.

Saturday night was the infamous Bernie bash where we all dressed up for the fancy dress competition. This year Philippa was a Lady Musketeer complete with sword with Chloe going as Supergirl and Abbie as a mermaid. The Brewer girls went as the pink ladies and looked fantastic. It was a complete fast that none of us got placed but at least the children got plenty of little gifts.

(Left - Right) Chloe as Supergirl - Philippa as a Lady Musketeer
The Brewer Girls as the Pink Ladies & Abbie as a Mermaid

On the Sunday Mervyn once again with Amy opened the fun show as part of the carting parade, he later got a 3rd in the Best Carting Turnout class with Amy. We are extremely proud to congratulate Lucy for not only winning her Junior Handling class with our Katie but also going on to win over all Best Junior Handler. Millie later donned a fantastic pair of hairy legs to win the Best Six Legs Competition also with Katie.

(Left - Right) Lucy & Katie in the Junior Handling 12 - 16 Class
Millie & Katie in the Junior Handling 8 - 11 Class
Lucy winning Overall Best Junior Handler
Millie winning Best Six Legs with Katie (check out Millie's legs)!!

Later on in the day when most of the show had been packed away we took our collective 6 Bernese for a nice gallop about on the showground, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

(Left - Right) Millie, Harvey, The Brewer's Merlin, Amy & Our Merlin - the only one missing is Katie

Paddy Grove Photographs Our Dogs on Holkham Bay, Norfolk
Sunday 1st August 2010

We are extremely grateful to Paddy Grove for taking these wonderful photos of our dogs enjoying themselves on Holkham Bay. More examples of Paddy's work can be seen here at http://www.pbase.com/dilettante thank you Paddy

Successful Weekend at the Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club Working Weekend
Saturday 24th July & Sunday 25th July 2010

Philippa trotting HarveyMillie keeping cool under the vanAnother wonderfully exciting and action packed weekend was had at the meadows behind the Blue Ship Pub near Billingshurst, West Sussex. We arrived at 5.30pm on Friday after a slow journey not helped by the M25 and set up camp at our pitch which was perfectly located near to the event rings. After a very enjoyable meal in the pub our friends Debbie & Gavin Brewer arrived with their three charming girls and the ever delightful Merlin who was out of our Halloween litter last November. The Brewer family set up camp next to us and all our girls had a lovely time playing games together over the weekend. Mervyn working Amy on the Carting course

Philippa standing MillieWe are extremely proud to announce that not only did our Katie & Merlin achieve their Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards at 8½ months of age but so did the Brewer's Merlin too with Mum Debbie. Millie also managed to achieve her Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen award so plenty of certificates were issued this weekend.

On the Saturday we had the carting and obedience classes with fun classes in the afternoon. Amy handled expertly by Mervyn won the Intermediate carting class and passed her third Intermediate carting level so is now an Advanced carting dog. Mervyn and Amy have consistently been placed 2nd during this year's carting so Mervyn was thrilled and delighted to take the 1st prize.L-R Katie, Merlin and Millie all sleeping

Mervyn with Abbie and Amy with her cartAlso on the Saturday it was a wonderful moment for Philippa when not only did four of our Bernese get 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th in the obedience, which was a great moment but also she was presented with the President's award which was truly humbling, for being so supportive towards the club's events.

Chloe doing Junior Handling for the under 7's with AmyAbbie with Amy and her cartWe also did well in the novelty classes over the weekend with the Pasturegreen family winning Best Family on Sunday, Best Condition Bitch with Amy on the Sunday and Prettiest Bitch with Katie on the Saturday. I must also add that the Brewer's Merlin took the Best Condition Male prize on the Sunday, so talk about keeping it in the family! Mervyn also got a 2nd with Amy in the Best Carting Turnout class so made all the effort of polishing the brass on Amy's harness and the cart not to mention giving everything a good clean, well worth the effort. Over the weekend we also clocked up a 2nd, three 3rd's, 4th & 5th in the other novelty classes.

Debbie Brewer working her Merlin in ObedienceDebbie Brewer working her Merlin in ObedienceThe Brewer family also had an excellent weekend with Merlin who has that same spark that our Amy and Millie both have. Expertly handled by Mum Debbie he got a 5th on the Saturday in the Handsome Dog Class and then having got some more beauty sleep overnight got a 3rd in the Handsome Dog Class on the Sunday handled by Lucy Brewer.

Millie Brewer won her Junior Handling class with our Katie and our Chloe got a 2nd in her class with Amy who was being a right little madam. Lucy Brewer handling our Millie (gosh it gets confusing) got a 5th in the Waggiest Tail Competition & 2nd with our Katie in the puppy class.

An exhausting but extremely enjoyable weekend and a must attend event for any Bernese enthusiast.

(L-R) Millie Brewer with our Katie, Lucy Brewer with her Merlin, Millie Brewer with our Katie,
Lucy Brewer with our Katie, (L-R) Debbie Brewer with her Merlin, Lucy Brewer with our Katie & Philippa with our Merlin in the Puppy Class.

Millie Brewer with our KatieLucy Brewer with her MerlinMillie Brewer trotting our KatieLucy Brewer with our KatieL-R Debbie Brewer with her Merlin, Lucy Brewer with our Katie and Philippa with Abbie and our Merlin

Thank you Debbie & Gavin for taking so many great pictures of the weekend.

Millie Wins Puppy Bitch Class
Windsor Championship Dog Show - 3rd July 2010

(L-R) Merlin, Katie & MillieToday we went to Windsor Championship Dog Show, we left really early as we had been forewarned about major roadworks in and around Windsor but found none so were one of the first to arrive. The weather was boiling hot but we had plenty of shade by our ring and the dogs and children were very happy and contented. Merlin got a 2nd in his Minor Puppy dog class, Katie got a 4th in her Minor Puppy Bitch class and Millie won her huge puppy class, gaining herself another three points towards her Junior Warrant. She later went against the Minor Puppy bitch winner for best Bitch puppy but was sadly beaten. All three of the dogs were wonderfully behaved and since Millie has calmed down seems to be doing so much better, all of a sudden. We had an uneventful journey home, arriving home early afternoon which made for a nice change.

The Judge Amanda Hearne wrote in her report about Merlin and Millie:

Minor Puppy Dog - 2nd Green's Pasturegreen Trick or Treat.  Another nice dog.  Good size overall, bit long in body and front movement needs to tighten. 

Puppy Bitch - 1st Green's Fortonpark Millie My Love at Pasturegreen.  Close decision between 1st and 2nd, this bitch moved so well which won it for her.  Not the bone of 2nd but well balanced throughout.  Lovely head and expression.  Well laid shoulders, good breadth and depth of chest.  Presented a lovely overall picture.

Millie Wins Best Puppy In Breed
Royal Norfolk County Show - Thursday 1st July 2010

Four of our dogs waiting patiently.  (L-R) Katie, Merlin, Millie & Amy with ChloePhilippa standing Katie for the judgeToday we went to the Royal Norfolk Show, the largest County Show in the country but lucky for us it's right on our doorstep and one of our nearest shows. The puppy class was well attended and we were thrilled that Katie won the class, with Merlin, being handled by Mervyn, getting a fourth. Millie got a 2nd in the Graduate class and Amy plodded herself to a five in the Open class. Then Millie and Katie went against each other for the Best Puppy in Breed award which Millie took, it's the first time that Millie has beaten Katie.

The Brewer's MerlinChloe with Millie who won Best Puppy in BreedShows are often such social events and we were thrilled and delighted to see our Amy's puppy Merlin owned by the Brewer family, who also live near the showground. Their Merlin is bigger than ours and maturing beautifully. The Brewer girls and ours had a great time playing near the ring whilst we had a good chat. As we were first in the ring we had considered walking around the county show afterwards but the sun was so hot that we soon forgot that idea and went home. This is the second year that we've been unable to enjoy the county show as the weather has just been too too hot for the dogs.

Bad Luck at Blackpool Champ Show
Sunday 27th June 2010

Dogs enjoying the shade of our shade umbrella, Amy front, Merlin back and Katie RightToday we were up at 3am and on the road by 3.45am to go to Blackpool Champ show. We had arrived by 7.30am and even though the day was hot we had plenty of shade from our shade umbrella and the dogs and children were all cool and happy. Merlin and Katie both seemed on edge and were unsettled which affected their results with Merlin taking a 3rd in Minor Puppy Dog and Katie a 4th in Minor Puppy Bitch. Amy later plodded around the ring and took a 5th in Post Graduate bitch.

Around 12 noon we packed up and set off down the M6 to Mervyn's sister Rosie's for lunch and had an enjoyable few hours. We left a little before 4pm and no more than a mile from her house the brakes locked on, on all four wheels of the van. Mervyn managed to get the van off the major A road that we were on, as we were heading towards the M58 for J26 of the M6. We called Greenflag who took under an hour to get to us and of course needless to say brought the wrong type of vehicle to get us home. We then waited another hour for a recovery lorry, which when arrived was driven by a dog hater. What proceeded was several upsetting minutes where the driver wouldn't allow us to have the windows open on the van for the dogs nor allow them out and was expecting them to survive being completely enclosed in the van on a boiling hot day. Luckily Mervyn is made of strong stuff and wasn't going to allow our dogs to become overheated in the van whilst on the back of the Recovery lorry and insisted that the front windows be fully opened. This driver then took us a few junctions down the M6 where we then had to change recovery lorries as there was a problem with the taco's. Our last driver was fantastic and thankfully the day had cooled by the time we were in his capable hands. We arrived home around Midnight where we were given a wonderful welcome from Harvey and Millie who were being looked after by another of Mervyn's sisters.

Our lovely van on the back of the AA Recovery LorryConsidering that two years ago, the first time we went to Blackpool champ show we had been caught up in the awful winds and Mervyn lost the van keys and our second trip to the same show we had such an awful journey home at 56mph, I think it's highly unlikely we'll ever want to show at Blackpool again, as they do say things come in three's, I don't think we're brave enough to see what a third visit to this show would result in. Our van was taken by the AA to our local Ford dealership on Monday morning and fixed in the afternoon, the fault being a brake sensor switch. How one tiny switch cause such a problem we'll never know?

Merlin Wins Best Puppy in Breed - Newmarket & District Open Show,
Littleport near Ely, Sunday 20th June 2010

Philippa with Merlin, Millie & Amy (L-R) and Chloe with Waw Waw her soft teddy doggyToday we went to Littleport near Ely for the Newmarket & District Open Show. There was no actual Bernese puppy class so Merlin was in the Special Yearling class which was for Bernese up to two years old. So we were delighted when Merlin, who was by far the youngest dog in the class won the class. Millie was in the Graduate Bernese class and took a third and then Amy was in the Open Bernese class and took a 5th. Merlin and Millie, then went against each other for Best Puppy in Breed which Merlin took. We spent a lovely enjoyable morning at the show with our friends Linda & David Biggins from Greybern who parked next to us.

Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club Championship Show
Sunday 13th June 2010

Merlin at 7 months being shown by PhilippaMillie at 10 months being shown by PhilippaAmy at 3 years being shown by PhilippaMillie & Amy in Brace being shown by Philippa

We had a new venue for this year's event at the Lockmeadow Market in Maidstone. Apart from the venue missing an actual meadow, (yes I really was expecting a meadow)! the indoor hall was well equipped and comfortable if a little echoing at times. We sat next to our good friends Linda & David from Greybern which made for a nice socialable event. Merlin wasn't on top form today, I think the hall spooked him a little but still he took 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog, 2nd in Maiden Dog and 3rd in Breeders Dog. Millie was her usual rather overexcited self, even though she'd burnt off some of her energy earlier in the car park and took a 4th in Puppy Bitch and 2nd in Novice Bitch. Amy plodded herself around the ring to take a 4th in Post Graduate Bitch and 4th in Mid Limit Bitch, she really doesn't enjoy showing now and is only entered for a few more shows. At the end of the day Amy & Millie competed in brace and took the 1st prize. The above photos were taken by Vicki Fellows for which we are very grateful.

Katie Wins Best Puppy in Breed
Southern Counties Championship Show - Sunday 6th June 2010

Katie Best Puppy in Breed at Southern Counties Championship Show at Newbury ShowgroundToday we went to Newbury Showground for the Southern Counties Championship show, with there being no minor puppy classes today and with all the male puppies in one class and female puppies in another class I did wonder if our previous unbeaten record would continue. Merlin was a right little so and so in his class and wasn't too keen on our judge so showed me up by not standing as well as he could, this of course knocked his placing and he got a 3rd in the Male Puppy Class. Katie and Millie were in the same female puppy class with Millie being kindly handled by Violet Slade. With plenty of puppies in this class we were thrilled to bits when Katie took 1st and Millie took 2nd. Amy had a bit more go in her than of late and got a 3rd in her Post Graduate Bitch class which was great. Later on Katie beat the Meadowpark male puppy to take Best Puppy in breed. The weather was hot and dry and we had another wonderful show day.

The judge Goran Bodegard from Sweden wrote in his report about Katie and Millie:

1st Green's Pasturegreen Bewitched, feminine, very nice proportions and balance, good depth for age, nice head and expression, very well constructed in rear, moved well and lovely colour, Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd Green's Fortonpark Millie My Love at Pasturegreen, excellent proportions and length, beautiful expression. Front could be a little more laid back. Excellent rear, moved well, great colour.

Merlin Wins Best Puppy In Breed
Bath Championship Show - Sunday 30th May 2010

Merlin with Philippa in the Pre-Judging Puppy Group Ring at Bath Championship Dog ShowMerlin with Philippa in the Puppy Group Main Ring at Bath Championship Dog ShowToday we went to Bath Championship dog show, a seven hour round trip of 450 miles and once again our puppies took the top puppy prizes. Merlin won his Minor Puppy Dog class, which qualified him for Crufts 2011 and he also got a 2nd in Novice Dog, he then beat the winner of the Puppy Male class to take Best Male Puppy and later beat his litter sister Katie to take Best Puppy in Breed. A few hours later he represented our breed in the Working Puppy Group and gave Philippa the glory of once again appearing in the main ring.

Katie also won her Minor Puppy Bitch class and Millie won her Puppy Bitch class Merlin sitting on his bench at Bath Championship Showbeating her litter sister Lexie being handled by their breeder, Julie Baldwin. Then Katie sitting on her bench at Bath Championship ShowKatie won her Novice Bitch class. Amy who really doesn't want to show any more plodded her way around the ring to get a 5th in the Post Graduate bitch class. Katie and Millie then went against each for best bitch puppy which Katie once again won and then Katie and Merlin went against each other for Merlin to take Best Puppy in Breed.

Once again we had a fabulous day in the ring. We are very grateful to Violet Slade for handling Millie and Merlin in their challenges and Chloe having a great time at Bath Championship Dog ShowAbbie having fun at Bath Championship Dog Showthank her for doing such a sterling job. We are also very thankful to the Medical Unit who gave Abbie first aid when she fell over banging her forehead on the front of the benches. What a bruise and swelling that poor little girl has but she is fine, thank goodness. The weather was wonderful, dry and warm and between our breed judging and group judging there was time for the girls to have a wander about and for Chloe to practice her handling skills with Amy in an empty breed ring.

The judge Judy Oriani wrote in her show report:

1st Green's Pasturegreen Trick Or Treat.  6 months.  Nice overall make and shape.  Well angulated and good topline.  Moved well.  Has flashes of white on both forelegs.  Best Male Puppy & Best Puppy in Breed.

1st Green's Pasturegreen Bewitched.  6 months.  Nice type with dark almond shaped eyes.  Moved well.  Flash up the right foreleg.  Good tail carriage. Best Female Puppy

1st Green's Fortonpark Millie My Love At Pasturegreen.  Nice head type.  Moved well.  Well marked.  Gay tail.

Katie Wins Best Puppy in Show & Merlin Wins Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open Show - Sunday 23rd May 2010

Katie - Best Puppy In Show at the Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open ShowMerlin - Reserve Best Puppy In Show at the Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open ShowToday we went to the Central Bernese Open Show and Working Day at Overseal near Burton on Trent. It turned out to be very hot day but we all managed to keep cool with the slight breeze we had. The show had a lovely friendly atmosphere and a good time was had by all.

Merlin was wonderfully behaved and stood for the judge this time, we are very grateful to all the people who kindly went over him prior to him going in the ring. Merlin won his Minor Puppy Dog class, then later took Best Male Puppy and later Reserve Best Puppy in Show, which we are so proud of.

Our Doggies in the Back of the Van (L-R) Millie, Merlin, Katie, Amy & HarveyMervyn with Chloe and Amy in the Lunch Time Carting ParadeKatie won her Minor Puppy Bitch class, later on she won Best Bitch Puppy and then against her brother Merlin took Best Puppy in Show. This is Katie's second show and the second time she's taken the top puppy award on offer. So far she's never been beaten.

Millie got a 2nd in the Puppy bitch class and Amy a 3rd in the Post Graduate Bitch class.

Mervyn working Amy in the Intermediate Carting CourseAbbie enjoying an ice creamIn the Lunch Break Chloe took Amy with a little help from Mervyn in the carting parade, it won't be long before she's handling Amy all by herself as Amy is just so patient and good with her.

Later on Amy and Harvey both worked the carting course, with Amy passing her second Intermediate carting course and got an overall 3rd and Harvey passed his second Advanced Carting Course, so once again we went home feeling extremely proud of our dogs and pleased and excited about our day. The girls were wonderfully behaved and enjoyed the ice cream on offer, as this picture of Abbie shows, I'm just thrilled that I was in the ring at the time and couldn't clean her up leaving that joyous job to Mervyn!

The judge Sue Gardner wrote in her show report:

1st Green's Pasturegreen Trick Or Treat. This puppy has a good head and expression. Dark eyes, correct dentition and scissor bite. Good depth of chest, nice lay of shoulder, good bone. Very well marked and nice type.  Moved well. Best Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Puppy in show. 

1st Green's Pasturegreen Bewitched.  Just 6 months old this little lady took my eye. She is lovely in every way, very typical and has a feminine head with a melting expression.  Lovely kind dark almond shaped eyes. Scissor bite.  Good reach of neck , nice shoulder placement.  Nice substance, body correct with good spring of rib.  Good bone.  Lovely condition to her coat which is very well marked. Kept a straight topline on the move and for one so young moved excellently.  Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show. 

2nd Fortonpark Millie My Love at Pasturegreen. A 9 month old with a good shaped head, correct eyes and scissor bite.  Good body, nice bone.  Good coat but flies her tail when on the move which takes away the overall outline. 

Merlin Starts Swimming at Lime Liegh Kennels - Tuesday 18th May 2010

Merlin enjoying his first swim at Lime Liegh Kennels, Wymondham, NorfolkToday Merlin had his first hydrotherapy swim at Lime Liegh Kennels, Wymondham, Norfolk. Eileen and Philippa were very proud of Merlin as he took to his swimming in his usual relaxed fashion and seemed to be a natural. Swimming is especially good for heavy giant breed puppies as it is non weight bearing so enables the dog to have exercise and tone his muscles without the joints having a pounding from the ground. Merlin will continue to swim on a weekly basis during the summer months to help build up his fitness and strengthen his muscles.

Halloween Litter Reunion at The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain
Garden Party - Sunday 16th May 2010

Today we took our five Bernese; Harvey, Amy, Millie, Merlin and Katie to the GB club Garden Party at Roade, Northampton. We were thrilled to see four of the Halloween Litter also at the event; Honey, Bentley, Lola and Merlin, which was very nice for us to see how they were maturing and for their families to compare their puppies with each other. Here pictured (Left to Right) is: Lola, Honey, Katie, Our Merlin, Bentley & Merlin. Many grateful thanks to David Biggins from Greybern for taking this super picture of our puppies.

(L-R) Six of the Halloween Litter Reunited - Lola, Honey, Katie, Our Merlin, Bentley and Merlin

Lucy with MerlinMillie with our AmyThe Brewer Family had a great day with their Merlin with two of their three daughters enjoying the Junior Handling classes. The eldest daughter Lucy handled her Merlin to win her Junior Handling class whereas Millie was entrusted with our Amy, Merlin's Mother, and got a 3rd in her Junior Handling class, not an easy feat when handling a strange dog, however good they might be. The garden party is such a family day out so it was lovely to see the Junior Handling classes so well supported.

Nick with Bentley looking for his MumSam with BentleyThe Howard family were enjoying the days activies with Dad Nick getting a 5th with Bentley, in a huge Handsome Dog Class, who in this picture I think is looking for his Mum? Later on Sam with Bentley got a 5th in the Junior Handling 8 - 11 years class. What was lovely was that in this class Amy was in the line up with two of her puppies, not that she showed any signs of understanding that five of her puppies were at the Garden Party today, you'd think she'd be able to recognise her children but dogs never seem to?

Rob & Liam with HoneyLiam having a slight control issue with HoneyThe Steadman family had a good day too, Liam with Dad Rob got 4th in the Prettiest Bitch class with Honey. Mum Hanna then got a 5th in Waggiest Tail class with Honey and later Liam got a 4th in the Junior Handling 8 - 11 years class. It is so nice that all of the families were having a good time enjoying the fun classes on offer with their puppies. It was the first time that they'd enjoyed a Bernese club event and they all seemed to be having a really good time. Hopefully they enjoyed their day enough to want to be part of many more club events in the future? During the day the Nohr family popped in with Lola but couldn't stop long as their youngest was enjoying a friend's birthday party.

Mervyn with Baby Abbie and Chloe in the Swiss Carting Class with AmyPhilippa with Harvey in the Swiss Carting ClassAs usual the Garden Party was a wonderful event and we are very proud to announce that at the end of the day, both Merlin's, Bentley, Honey & Katie all passed their Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Awards, at six months old this is an amazing achievement. We also enjoyed having all three of our puppies; Merlin, Katie & Millie and some of the Halloween litter in the puppy parades which seemed fuller than normal this year.

In the working classes our dogs did us proud as usual. Harvey passed his first Advanced Carting course and was placed 5th and Amy passed her first Intermediate Carting course and was placed 2nd. In the Obedience Merlin got a 5th in his very first obedience competition with Harvey just beating him and getting a 4th. Katie and Amy both worked great obedience courses but didn't manage perfect sit/stays where one can loose so many precious points if not carried out perfectly. Mervyn and Chloe with Amy hitched up to our Swiss CartAbbie & Philippa with Harvey hitched up to our two wheel buggyThe agility course was run by Harvey and Amy who both did very well but narrowly missed out being in the top five, which was disappointing, especially for Harvey as he had had a clear round.

In the fun classes; Harvey got a 3rd in Waggiest Tail, which was won by a Bernese without a tail, I'm not sure quite how this was allowed? and later Mervyn and Chloe with Amy pulling our traditional Swiss cart got a 3rd in the Best Carting Turnout class.

Many grateful thanks to the Brewer family, Steve Green and Dave Biggins for taking these super pictures.

Katie Wins Best Puppy in Breed - Bitches All Qualify For Crufts 2011
Birmingham National Championship Show - Sunday 9th May 2010

On Sunday 9th May 2010, we took four of our five Bernese to Birmingham National Championship dog show. Harvey who has now retired from major showing stopped at home with Auntie Netty. Philippa & Katie who was Best Puppy in Breed at Birmingham National Championship Dog Show on 9th May 2010This was Katie & Merlin's very first show, Millie's first Championship show and Amy's first Championship show this year. First in the ring was Merlin, who decided that standing for Judge Andrew Skedd wasn't on the cards and refused, so he was placed 4th, which we were very disappointed by. Then later on it was Katie's class, Minor Puppy Bitch, fearing that she'd react like her brother Merlin I asked several friends to go over her and she was fine, so into the ring we went and Katie was just perfect, even so it was a complete surprise when she won her class and in turn qualified herself for Crufts 2011. The next class was Puppy Bitch which was Millie's class. Millie has been showing since January so I wasn't too concerned that she'd misbehave and as usual she was a complete star and she too won her class and qualified herself for Crufts 2011. A few classes later it was Amy's turn. She was entered in the Post Graduate class which is normally a big class and as this was her first Championship show since having had the Halloween litter I wasn't expecting much, however, she was placed 2nd and she too also qualified herself for Crufts 2011. We were completely over the moon by the girls success. Now, because both Katie and Millie had both won their puppy bitch classes, they went against each other for the title of Best Bitch Puppy. Thinking that Millie had the edge on Katie, Janet Riseborough kindly agreed to handle Katie for us and a great job she did too, as Katie won Best Bitch puppy. Then Katie went against the best male puppy, Meadowpark It's My Boy and beat him to take Best Puppy in Breed. For us this was a dream come true to take such an award at a Championship show is wonderful in it's self but to do so with a 6 month old puppy at her very first show was just unbelievable. We then waited for many hours for the Working Puppy Group where Katie was up against all the other Working Puppies. It was such a special moment to parade her around the main ring whilst the announcer called our Breed and considering how scary it was with the crowd clapping and all the commotion, Katie was just so well behaved and we were so very proud of her.

Wonderful Family Holiday On The North Yorkshire Moors - May 2010

Amy enjoying the water at Runswick Bay in North YorkshireOur Five Bernese taking a rest with us humans whilst wandering about in North YorkshireWe had another wonderful holiday up on the North Yorkshire Moors from Friday 30th April until Friday 7th May 2010. Staying once again at Hill Farm Cottages, who always give us a lovely welcome and all our Bernese too, we were blessed with super weather and a good time was had by all. This time we had five Bernese joining us on holiday and as you can imagine they got plenty of attention when we were out and about. We spent two lovely days on Runswick Bay Beach during our holiday where the dogs thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of the beach as did the girls and later us Chloe and Amy on a walk in North YorkshireKatie and Mervyn with Abbie and Chloe playing on Runswick Bay Beach in North Yorkshirehumans thoroughly enjoyed the edible delights served up in the beach side cafe. Several days were also spent wandering about on the moors, we normally walk on the moors but with three puppies we couldn't do much walking this time so it was more wandering than walking. We also thoroughly enjoyed seeing Amy's breeder Lynn Keegan and showing off Amy's puppies; Katie & Merlin and seeing Amy's sister Daisy who perhaps wasn't as keen as her owner with the family visit. A very enjoyable day was spent on the Merlin dozing on Runswick Bay Beach North YorkshireMillie resting on a walk in North Yorkshireheritage steam train traveling from Pickering to Whitby and from Whitby to Battersby. What made me smile was that the girls traveled on the train for free but the dogs cost £2 each and had to have a ticket, not that we minded. With five Bernese we took up four double seats and on one particularly busy train Philippa took the dogs into the Guard's carriage so that more people could sit down. Considering it was the puppies first holiday they were extremely well behaved and took it all in their stride.

(L-R) Katie, Harvey, Merlin, Millie and Amy with Mervyn on Runswick Bay Beach in North Yorkshire

Millie Wins Special Members Puppy Award
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of GB Open Show - Sunday 18th April 2010

Philippa & Millie at the BMDC of GB Open ShowPhilippa, Chloe & Millie at the BMDC of GB Open ShowOn Sunday 18th April 2010 we showed Millie at the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain Open Show held at Grenoside, Sheffield. It was great to meet up with friends and also to see all Millie's litter sisters and one litter brother. Millie won the Special Members Puppy Class which was a huge surprise and then later went on to get 2nd in Novice Puppy Bitch, 2nd in Bitch Not Bred by Exhibitor and 5th in Minor Puppy Bitch. We took all the dogs for a ride out and Amy was back in the ring for the first time since having had the pups it was just unfortunate that both her classes were big ones. Merlin & Katie, (Amy's puppies) got lots of attention from all that saw them with this being the last show that they have attended 'Not For Competition' as at our next show they too will be in the ring, which is very exciting.

The judge Sue Lawrence wrote in her report:

Fortonpark Millie My Love at Pasturegreen, pretty bitch, lovely dark almond shaped eye, good layback of shoulder, firm topline, well rounded rump, good rear angulation.

Millie at 8 monthsMillie Wins Best Puppy In Breed
Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Open Show - Sunday 21st March 2010

On Sunday 21st March we showed Millie at the Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Open Show held at the Norwich showground. After a long wait for our class due to a change of judge, Millie won the Junior class and then took Best Bernese puppy and a while later she then got a 4th in the Working Puppy Group. It was the first time we've won prize money at a dog show as most of them don't have it on offer but £5 is not to be sniffed at!


Millie Wins Maiden & Novice Bitch Classes
Southern BMD Club Open Show - Sunday 7th February 2010

Millie at 7 MonthsToday, Sunday 7th February 2010, we went to the Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open Show held at Leatherhead. Millie got a 4th in Minor Puppy Bitch and then went on to win 1st in both the Maiden and Novice bitch classes which was very nice, especially as we won some dog food. We had a lovely day with friends catching up with all our news over the few months that we'd been out of the show ring and the girls got to spend lots of time with Abbie's Godparents Linda & David Biggins from Greybern. We took Merlin & Katie out for a day out and between the three of them they attracted a lot of attention.

The judge Tom Kelly wrote in his report:

1st Green’s Fortonpark Millie My Love At PasturegreenLovely 6 month baby.  Nice shape and type although head and rear need to develop.  Very nice puppy who needs time to mature.  Moved OK.

Millie Wins Best AV Working Puppy & Best Puppy in Breed
East of England Ladies Kennel Society Open Show - Saturday 30th January 2010
City of Cambridge Canine Society Open Show - Sunday 31st January 2010

Millie at 6 months & 1 weekThis weekend saw Millie start her show career and saw us start our 2010 show calendar. We didn't go far and just entered her and Harvey in a couple of local shows. East of England Ladies Kennel Society on the Saturday at Thetford and City of Cambridge on the Sunday at Godmanchester. Millie took them both in her stride.

At EELKS on the Saturday Millie got a 4th in AVNSC Puppy and then a 1st in AV Working Puppy and Best AV Working Puppy. Harvey got a 2nd in AVNSC Post Graduate and a 1st in the Working Post Graduate class.

The judge for the AV classes, Val Thompson wrote in her Show Report:

Millie at six months and one weekFortonpark Millie my Love at Pasturegreen, Well grown puppy, good head & eye, good pigment, nice body shape, good bone, moved well".

Pasturegreen SOS, Nice dog, good head, well bodied and boned, nice body shape, moved OK.

Then on the Sunday at City of Cambridge held at Godmanchester, Millie got a 1st in Bernese Puppy and took Best Puppy in Breed and Harvey got a 4th in Open Bernese.

The judge Mr M Hardy wrote in his Show Report,

Fortonpark Millie My Love at Pasturegreen, 6 months, good head and eye, good bone, sound mover with a good coat.

Meet our Puppies; Merlin (Pasturegreen Trick or Treat) & Katie (Pasturegreen Bewitched)

(L-R) Merlin & KatieWe are very excited as after watching Amy's puppies develop over the past eight weeks we have finally chosen which puppies to keep from her litter. We had originally only intended to keep a bitch but after the litter was graded by June Miles (The Puppies Father's Owner) we were advised to keep Merlin as well. Merlin & Katie have now said goodbye to their litter mates and have settled in with our other Bernese; Harvey, Millie & of course Mum Amy. Even though they are very similar they are very different too. Katie is all noise and play, whereas Merlin is all sleep and food. As he was growing up he was a bit of a bully but it now seems as if Katie is the braver of the two?

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