2013 News

Tragic News ~ Millie Looses her Litter Sired by Bailey
Friday 8th November - Thursday 14th November 2013

Millie's Newborn LitterOn Friday 8th November Millie gave birth to three male puppies sired by our Bailey. So beautifully marked and bonny. Sadly the first born died soon after birth and our Vet couldn't save him. For a few days all was well, Millie was very proud of her boys and the boys were feeding well. Then the bigger of the two boys, Mr Purple, stopped suckling from Millie. I began to feed him by bottle, every two hours day and night, but 24 hours or so later he stopped taking the bottle, so I began syringe feeding him every hour, day and night, 30 hours later his stomach swelled and he gasped his last breath and was gone. It was tragic.

Day Two the boys in Chloe's ArmsThe last surviving puppy, Mr Yellow, continued to feed well off Millie. However, a day later he stopped feeding off Millie, so was bottle fed, 24 hours or so later he stopped taking the bottle and so was syringe fed on the hour, ever hour, but 30 hours later he gasped his last breath and died he same way.

To try so hard to save a newly born puppy, to put so much effort in and to then loose the puppy is extremely hard emotionally to accept. It really does make one question why Mother Nature is sometimes so cruel?

In order for Millie to understand that her babies had died she was left with them for a few hours after each one had died. However full of milk and very emotional she cried and howled the house down for days, searching for her babies who were dead and tragically now buried. The only way to help her was to put her back with the pack and to carry on as normal, which seemed so cruel and unkind, but it helped her to be part of the pack again.

Day Four Abbie & Chloe with the last puppyOur Vet was fantastic and very caring but there is very little that can be done when puppies fade, usually caused by the herpes virus. Tragically this is the second time we've lost a litter in this way in eight years. We waited two years for this litter but sadly it wasn't meant to be. People think it's easy to breed Bernese but it sadly isn't.

We are a family and our little girls were very attached to the puppies, at 4 & 7 it took them a while to understand why they all died. As a Mother the only way I could explain it was that when a Mummy dog has lots of milk and her babies stop feeding from her and I have to get involved then it doesn't spell for good news.



Nine Week Lily the Lhasa Apso Joins Us Here at Pasturegreen
Sunday 27th October 2013

We felt it was time the girls had a little dog to enjoy. Clancaniter Lily Potter At PasturegreenIt had been several years since dear Lucy (Lhasa Apso) had died, when the girls were very young and we felt that now the time was right for them to appreciate having a little fury best friend. For us if we were to have a little dog again then only a Lhasa Apso would do. As Kennel Club Assured Breeders of Bernese we did our homework as we wanted to ensure that Lily would come from good sound breeders.

So here we welcome Lily, her posh name is Clancaniter Lily Potter At Pasturegreen, sired by Champion Vallena Almeida (Mitch) and out of Dobriach Orphelne Clancaniter (Steale) bred by Mrs A & Messrs T & N Clancy. Lily was born on Saturday 24th August 2013.

It was love at first sight for Chloe and Lily for they both chose each other a few weeks ago, so we are delighted that it was possible for her to come to us for her forever home.

Even though we've brought Lily as a family pet she is of good enough quality to show and I'm sure that Chloe and Abbie will do Junior Handling with her.



Lovely Visit to see Svetlana & Benny in Belgium
Saturday 28th September 2013

(L-R) Ivan, Dad Hugo & Henry with Tim Welsh & Philippa GreenToday we got up extra early, leaving five of our six Bernese with Auntie Netty and travelled with Henry, during the early hours of the morning to catch our 5.50am Euro Tunnel Train at Folkstone. As we come round to park up after checking in, who should we see but Tim & Abby along with Ivan our dear friends from Preston.

We were very nervous as the last time we went to visit Svetlana and Benny we got very lost in Antwerpen, but this time armed with a very good Sat Nav we were feeling a tiny bit braver. Our journey to Svetlana and Benny's home was so easy, instead of spending two hours driving around Antwerpen getting lost we sailed though in five minutes.

It wasn't long before the Welsh's arrived. A wonderful spread was laid on and it was wonderful for Svetlana and Benny to see Ivan and Henry again, for it's thanks to Svetlana collecting them from Olga in Russia that it made it possible for Ivan and Henry to come to England. Svetlana owns the boy's Father Hot Hugo, so Daddy got to meet his sons again.

It wasn't long before the day was over and we were driving across Belgium and into France to catch our Euro Tunnel Train at Calais home at 6.50pm. A long day but very worth it.

Thank you to Svetlana, Benny and her two boys Roman and Jan for their lovely hospitality.

Brothers Henry & Ivan Playing together in Belgium

Brothers Henry & Ivan Playing together in BeligumBrothers Henry & Ivan Playing together in BeligumBrothers Henry & Ivan Playing together in Beligum

(Left) Henry (Middle) Henry & Ivan (Right) Ivan

HenryHenry & IvanIvan

Daddy Hot Hugo

Daddy Hot HugoDaddy Hot HugoDaddy Hot Hugo with Jan



Philippa & MerlinCity of Birmingham Championship Show
Saturday 31st August 2013

Just an outing for the boys today at City of Birmingham, as Millie was in season, so had to stop at home.

Henry got a 2nd in Puppy Dog with the judge Gaye Strassen (St Fillans) writing later about Henry saying: Millenium Star Email Of Happiness At Pasturegreen. 9 month old, smaller type and less mature than 1st.  Kind head and expression, enough bone for size. Needs to strengthen behind.

Bailey got a 3rd in his Graduate dog class and Merlin (pictured) was unplaced in his Limit Dog class.




Wonderful Family Holiday Staying with the Welsh's
17th August - 24th August 2013

Anna & Henry on the beach having funWe spent a wonderful week's holiday with the Welsh Family at their farm near Preston, where Henry's litter Brother Ivan lives. We took the caravan and parked it up in their meadow and the dogs loved to run and be free with each other. The weather was warm and very enjoyable and the girls loved playing in the swimming pool and padding pool with Abby and Ben.

Millie was coming into season and this didn't go unnoticed by Ivan who fell madly in love with her, you could say they had a holiday romance and where one was the other was too.

Ivan playing with MillieTim cooked amazing meals which we thoroughly enjoyed and spent most of the week in the kitchen creating the most delicious dishes.

Near the end of the holiday we went to Fleetwood so the dogs could enjoy the beach and sea. The weather was beautiful and warm, if a tad hot for the dogs. Afterwards we popped in to see Julie at Fortonpark.

Thank you to the Welsh family for such a super relaxing holiday.



Fabulous Dry Warm Kelso
Scottish Berner Club Championship Weekend
Thursday 1st August - Monday 5th August 2013

Wednesday had been busy to say the least, at 7pm we started to wash all six Berners and by 9.30pm we were done and ready for showers ourselves, when Mervyn announced that we should travel though the night to Kelso on the Scottish Borders, so that's exactly what we did. We were left by 11pm and we drove all night and at 5am we parked up on the Scottish/English border and went to sleep in the van for two hours. At 7am we drove on into Kelso to the showground and set up basecamp. By lunch time the Brewers had joined us and between our caravans, awnings and garden our base camp was complete.

Thursday night it was Philippa's turn to feed base camp with Sausage casserole with mash potatoes and peas, which was a hearty meal to be created from Bertha's kitchen. Later on come 8.30pm we took our collective 8 Pasturegreen Berners for a super walk across the showground.

Friday we spent the day relaxing and enjoying each other's company. It was the guy's turn to feed camp tonight and Gavin was on the BBQ feeding base camp Later followed by another super walk with all the Berners.

Saturday was the championship show, which Philippa showed the show team in. A day of mixed results and more running than I think I've ever had to do in the past, I think we calculated that I'd done 42 laps of the ring from the six classes I'd shown in. No wonder I was exhausted come bed time.

In the evening we had Chinese and Indian takeaway which was lovely and we enjoyed another super walk with the dogs.

On Sunday it was the fun classes, which even Mervyn took part in. The weather was fairly warm and muggy and some of the dogs didn't want to take part. Whereas the girls wanted to do every class possible with every dog possible it didn't really turn out like that.

The junior handling was a complete disaster as whereas there should have been two classes, there were but nearly everyone was in the first class and when the whole class were asked to move their dogs all together, there were loose dogs and hurt children everywhere. Even in the proper show ring when adults have to move their dogs all together it can be difficult but to ask children as young as four, wasn't at all sensible.

To finish off the Fun Classes there were three competitions; Potato & Spoon, Ball Race & Biscuit Eating Race. Philippa competed in the women's Potato & Spoon race with Bailey and got a 3rd but Mervyn been very fast on his feet, won the Adult class with ease. In the Ball Race Mervyn once again won the Adult race with Bailey and in the Biscuit Eating Race he won the Adult race with Millie. There was much chanting from the ringside for Mervyn and huge whoops when he did.

After all the events were over, we had just sat down in base camp about to make lunch with we were delighted that Meg's family the Hoffman's with their five children arrived. It's been two years since we have seen Meg, who was out of our Sophie's second litter. Meg is now over 6 and looking just lovely. It was super to see all the family and we thoroughly enjoyed their company.

Whilst the Hoffman's were visiting, Linda & David with their son Steven and Daughter Sam with hubby and daughter Kelsi came for a cuppa, so Polly the kettle was working very hard, so were Bertha's cupboards in supplying enough food for everyone to nibble on. Linda & David had sadly only a very short time before had lost their eldest Bernese Willow who would have been ten in November. They got Willow soon after we got Sophie, which is how we first met all those years ago. So there were many tears and it was hard also because they had brought Sasha and Brewster with them and Sasha suffering from Dropsy was not at all well. Sadly two days after we saw them they sadly lost Sasha too, she was well over eight. Even worse in so many ways having lost Willow so recently, just a week or two before and also being away on holiday too.

After much tea, tears, biscuits, talking and catching up our visitors all left and Debbie got to work in Shelly her caravan cooking up a fabulous spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread, just what we needed after no lunch and a busy tea.

After a rest we took the Berners out for what was to be their last good run about for during the night it rained. Luckily Mervyn had had the forethought to have packed up most things during Sunday, so it was only the Awning that got wet.

On Monday in the rain Mervyn and Gavin packed up their respective caravan's getting soaked whilst Debbie and I tried to keep our girls entertained and dry. It wasn't long before we were on the road travelling down the country in convoy. We stopped for lunch at McDonalds on route and whilst the guys with the girls ate inside Debbie and I kept an eye on the Berners. It was funny as we'd parked up beside each other in the coach park and along side us a coach of Swiss people arrived, so were loving all the dogs, then after they'd gone several carters arrived with their vans and caravan's, so a popular stopping place.



Boiling Hot Hay Field Our Venue For The
Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club Working Weekend
Thursday 18th July - Monday 22nd July 2013

After a long hot journey from Norfolk to Billingshurst in West Sussex for the SBMDC Working Weekend we were far from thrilled to be welcomed to meadows which looked much more like hay fields. This wasn't the club's fault more the owner of the public house, the Blue Ship, who had only just cut the fields and not cleared he cut grass. The Club has been using this venue for more years than we can remember and the grass has always been well kept, but sadly not this year.

When we arrived it was so hot that instead of setting up camp our main task was to ensure the dogs were cool enough and comfortable. Our Merlin suffers from the heat far more than our other Berners and in many ways we use him as the bench mark for the others, for if he's okay then more often than not the others are too.

Luckily after an hour or two shade welcomed us round the awning side of the caravan and we were able to set up base camp properly.

As luck would have it we had parked up by an opening into the adjoining meadow though the hedge, a little over grown with stinging nettles were soon removed with kitchen scissors and the girls set to work using some of the hay we'd raked up from our base camp to line the walk way though the hedge, this proved to give the girls much excitement.

The weather was just far too hot but with Jenny the Generator, our cooling blankets, fans and plenty of water we managed to keep all our Berners cool enough during the weekend.

The Brewers joined us early Saturday morning and it wasn't long before our combined caravans and awnings had completed our base camp The Brewers have Katie and Merlin from our Halloween litter and were joined this weekend with Darcy and Millie their younger of their three daughters.

On Saturday afternoon the girls had great fun doing the many fun classes and the dogs were run ragged for a short period of time going in one class after another.

Saturday evening Gavin Brewer was in charge of the BBQ and a fine job he did of feeding us.

Sunday was much of the same, with many fun classes for the kids to do with the Berners with the highlight of Pasturegreen winning Best Family, a title we love to win each year. Needless to say Miss Anna wasn't enjoying the limelight and being a right pain.

Sunday lunch time we were joined by Honey's family the Edwards who spent a few hours with us all, their Honey is from our Snow Litter. It was wonderful to see them and Honey and later on we all enjoyed a group walk together.

Jackie & Des Avery also joined us for a cuppa and a piece of cake, it's been so long since we saw them last and it was really great to catch up. For many years they were major players on the committee of the Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club.

The Team Pasturegreen awards were given out after much tea and cake had been eaten. With the order of winners being, 1st Millie, 2nd Chloe, 3rd Darcy & 4th Abbie.

Sunday evening the Brewers packed up and went back to North Norfolk and Monday morning we headed back to South Norfolk. Unfortunately Jackie the van was playing up on the way home and another stressful journey was had. In all honesty there is nothing more stressful than travelling with Bernese when it's seriously hot.



Henry Is Best Male Puppy
Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open Show
Sunday 7th July 2013

Gosh if we thought Windsor was hot, that was nothing compared with today, a good 30+ it must have been, but we managed to keep the dogs cool, even Merlin, with the use of our silver sheets, heat umbrellas and the van. Thankfully Mervyn got the Air Conditioning fixed on the van during the week as we sure did need it. This is always a super club show, so friendly with great atmosphere and the committee work so hard for the benefit of us exhibitors.

Henry won his Minor Puppy Class and then beat the older male puppy to take Best Male Puppy in Show and Reserve Best Puppy in Show. He also got a 4th in the Companion show at lunch time in the Any Variety Puppy Class.

Philippa showing HenryPhilippa showing BaileyPhilippa showing MerlinPhilippa showing Millie

(L-R) Philippa showing Henry, Bailey, Merlin and Millie

Bailey won his Yearling Class and was handled in the challenge by Mervyn, which was nice. Mervyn doesn't usually handle our dogs, much preferring to be our back up team, which he does very well, but today he was needed and moved Bailey very nicely.

Merlin feeling the heat tremendously, plodded and panted around the ring to get a 5th in Limit Dog. However in the Companion show Chloe got a 2nd with him in a strong Any Variety Adult Class. Merlin was a little naughty as Chloe tried to get him into the ring and I had to stay close to the ring to keep him from legging it back to Base Camp but Chloe handled him beautifully on the move, even better than some of the other adult handlers did their own dogs.

Chloe Handling MerlinPhilippa Showing KeelaPhilippa & Jeanie With Keela

(L-R) Chloe Handling Merlin - Philippa Showing Keela - Philippa & Jeanie With Keela

Millie was being her usual silly self and got a 2nd in Limit Bitch. But the star of the day was Keela, our Bailey's litter sister who accompanied by Jeanie her Mum came to the show. Philippa had the pleasure of handling Keela in the Yearling Bitch class which she won, considering she's not shown nor has had any show training she was a star and extremely well behaved.

Jeanie had been baking her fabulous cakes and brought two boxes along with her which were very much appreciated. At lunch time we had a little picnic together, which was nice.

Our Judge Roberta Wright wrote about our dogs saying:

(Henry) Millenium Star Email Of Happiness At Pasturegreen (Imp Rus).  A good sized youngster of 8 months.  Pleasing head, excellent coat and condition.  Moved out well in profile but a little close behind going away and carrying his tail a tad gay.  Best Puppy Dog.

(Bailey) Pasturegreen Irish Cream.  Well grown male of 20 months who looks good in profile with strong head.  Clean front, excellent coat and condition and well muscled quarters which he used to advantage on the move.

(The Hexter's Keela) Pasturegreen Irish Beauty.   19 month old who presented a lovely overall picture as in the previous class the coat over her top line distracted at first but it was firm.  Her excellent construction and type won her this class.  She moved out well.

(Millie) Fortonpark Millie My Love At Pasturegreen. I loved this naughty “young” lady but she was determined not to move acting more like a baby than her mature 4 years but that’s the joy of dog showing and she certainly was enjoying herself. A very appealing head, mischievous expression.  Presented in immaculate condition.



Boiling Hot Day at Windsor Championship Show
Sunday 30th June 2013

After arriving back late from Littleport the day before the last thing we wanted to do was wash the dogs for today's show, so we made an exception to the rule and didn't. This meant they needed a little more grooming than usual at the show just to ensure they looked as good as possible.

Chloe handling Merlin in her JHA 6 - 11 ClassChloe handling Merlin in her JHA 6 - 11 ClassChloe handling Merlin in her JHA 6 - 11 Class

Chloe Handling Merlin in JHA Junior Handling 6 - 11 Year Class

Junior Handling Association Junior Handling under Brooke Taylor was on at 9am half an hour before the Bernese breed judging, so Chloe had Merlin in full bounce to take in the very posh Best in Show ring with little white fencing, pot plants and grass so well kept like a bowling green. She was against 6 other children all much older than her most of which I believe were 10 and 11 years old. But what a performance she put on, she remembered everything and she moved and controlled Merlin in such a professional way. Many Bernese people watched her most interested in how far she's come on with her handling and it was super to see her get a 3rd out of 6 in her class. This meant that for the second time this weekend she's qualified for the JHA semi finals at Richmond.

(L-R) Henry, Bailey, Merlin and Millie with Philippa (Windsor Castle Behind)Henry got another 2nd in his Minor Puppy Dog Class, the judge I don't think wasn't very keen on his tail carriage on the move as Millie even though she made the final six wasn't placed in her Limit bitch class and the reason cited was her tail carriage on the move. The thing with Bernese is that when they are happy, often they can hold their tail higher than usual on the move. Some judges don't mind whereas others don't like it.

Bailey and McKenzie were in the same Yearling class where McKenzie got a 1st and Bailey got a 3rd. Merlin got a 2nd in a strong Limit dog class and even though it was hot moved with enough power to look good.

We were soon on our way at lunch time, unfortunately the air conditioning in our show van stopped working and the temperatures in the back soared to 33oc which is far too hot for a Bernese, let alone four, so a very stressful journey home with all the windows open, fan on and the roof flettner doing it's best the temperature dropped to 28oc but well done to Mervyn for getting us home so quickly and safely to Norfolk. I hate stressful journeys home like that on hot days with dogs, I spent the whole journey monitoring our Merlin for he's by far the worse of our Bernese for suffering with the heat and I knew that if he was lying down and not panting too hard then he was okay and the others would be too.

Our Judge June Miles wrote about Merlin saying: Green's Pasturegreen Trick Or Treat.   3 ½ years and the best this kennel has shown so far!  Lovely head. Kind expressive eyes. Good proportions. Coat is deep black with that bright natural sheen as called for. Tan is dark and he has very good tight feet. Low hocks and a good mover.



Henry Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Newmarket & District Canine Society Open Show
Saturday 29th June 2013

Today we went to Littleport in Cambridgeshire for the Newmarket & District annual Open Show. We weren't going to go as Mervyn and I were both feeling tried from our recent trip on Tornado the Steam Train from Norwich to Salisbury on the Thursday. However at 9am Mervyn said lets go, so it was a mad rush to get everything sorted and to the show on time. We knew that Bernese weren't being judged until 11am and we arrived at the show at 10.30am. Normally our dogs are washed before every show and we arrive at least an hour before judging commences. As I finished putting on my show jacket Henry's puppy class was called.

Henry won his Puppy class, Bailey won his Graduate Class, Merlin won his Open Dog class. We had only taken three dogs as there were only three Bernese classes on offer. Henry then took Best Puppy in Breed handled kindly by Debbie Wells and Merlin took Best of breed. I think the judge Barry Denyer was a little embarrassed that we had won every class and kept saying he didn't know us, which was very true, I'm sure our fellow Bernese exhibitors wished we'd not come either!

Henry - Millenium Star Email of Happiness at PasturegreenHenry and PhilippaHenry winning Reserve Best Puppy In Show

Philippa Showing Henry Before & After He Won Reserve Best Puppy In Show

Chloe then took Merlin in the Junior Handling Association Junior Handling class for children between 6 - 11 under judge Brooke Taylor and got a third which was wonderful as it meant that she qualified for the JHA semi finals at Richmond. She was far more confident with her handling today and Merlin and Chloe worked so much better together.

Chloe handling Merlin in 6-11 JHA ClassChloe handling Merlin in 6-11 JHA ClassChloe handling Merlin in 6-11 JHA ClassChloe handling Merlin in 6-11 JHA Class

It's not an easy job for Chloe to handle Merlin, being that he's several times her weight and a lot more in strength - but they are learning together and getting better class on class

Then it was Merlin's turn to go into the Working Group, by then the sun was high in the sky and it was hot, bless him he didn't power around the ring maybe as well as he could have and so wasn't placed in the group. It isn't very often that Bernese do well in the group judging as they aren't the most popular of all the working breeds.

Then it was Henry's turn for the Working Puppy Group, he put on a super performance but like with the Working Group, it's not usual for Bernese puppy's to get placed, so imagine our sheer joy when the judge, Lesley Wright said " and the winner is the Bernese" so Henry won the Working Puppy Group.

Philippa with MerlinMerlin in the Working GroupBailey with Philippa

(L & M) Philippa showing Merlin (R) Philippa Showing Bailey

It wasn't that long until the Puppy Best in Show judging commenced under judge: Clare Boggia, once again we didn't expect to do anything, Henry put on a lovely performance and she gave him Reserve Best Puppy in Show. It was one of those WOW moments. For a puppy so young as Henry it was just amazing. Henry who'd spotted a little puppy standing in front of him of a much smaller breed had the most beautiful head and ear carriage which I'm sure helped his win?

So quite a day for us, especially as we weren't going to go and weren't as prepared as usual for the show. Funny how things turn out?

Our Best in Show Judge Clare Boggia wrote about Henry saying:

Millenium Star Email Of Happiness at Pasturegreen, powerful and imposing Bernese dog with nice outgoing temperament, strode out well in the ring and good follow through rear movement.

Our Breed Judge Barry Denyer wrote about our dogs saying:

(Henry) Millenium Star Email Of Happiness at Pasturegreen, 7 months dog, lovely young lad, so friendly & fearless, terrific pigmentation all round. Presented a lovely picture with all of the breed specific touches, white paws, white tip to tail, etc. All through he kept a level top line, both standing & on the move, I would like to see a little more turn at the stifle. Maturing slowly but headed in the right direction. Best Puppy, Puppy Group 1, Reserve Best Puppy in Show.

(Bailey) Pasturegreen Irish Cream, same owners as winner of previous class & somewhat different in appearance, although the ‘friendly & fearless’ trait was apparent. Correct in head size & shape, set off well by good brown, almond shape eye. Well developed body with correct depth of brisket. Excellent rear angulation with strong hock joints. Lively mover

(Merlin) Pasturegreen Trick Or Treat, a seemingly triumphant day for the owners of this lad. A superb exhibit to go over. Gorgeous brown eyes set in correct skull, dentition & pigmentation were spot on. Good depth & breadth of chest with a muscular loin. Strong & well let down hocks. Clearly has a promising future. Best of Breed.



Blackpool Championship Show as Wet & Muddy as ever!
Sunday 23rd June 2013

Today we went to Blackpool Championship show, this show has a reputation of strong winds, mud and cancelled judging in past years. However wanting to show Henry, our Russian Import, as much as possible this show season we felt it worth the effort and risk to enter and attend. A 560 mile round trip, 3am start and a lot of mud later I'm not so sure?

Bailey & Henry on their benches, for Henry it was the first time he'd been chained to a benchHenry watching all whilst the girls play with SophieHenry watching all whilst the girls play with Sophie

(L) Bailey & Henry on their Benches - (M & R) Henry and the Girls

Henry got a 2nd in his Minor Puppy Dog class, something he seems to be getting a lot of at the moment. Bailey and Merlin both put on super performances but sadly neither were placed. Millie got a 2nd in her Limit Bitch class. For Philippa it was also an honour to help Meadowpark in the challenge to handle a pretty young puppy bitch.

The Benson's were over from Ireland with McKenzie, Bailey's litter brother, and their daughter Sophie. The girls loved playing with Sophie for they hadn't seen her for some time. McKenzie did very well getting a 2nd in Limit dog, even though he had been entered in a much older class than usual.

Chloe handling Merlin in her first YKC Junior Handling ClassChloe handling Merlin in her first YKC Junior Handling ClassChloe handling Merlin in her first YKC Junior Handling Class

Chloe in her Very First YKC Junior Handling 6 - 11 Class with Merlin

For Chloe is was her first professional Young Kennel Club Junior Handling Class, there were seven in her class held in the Best in Show ring, the marquee was a rattling in the wind and Merlin her Junior Handling dog was very unsettled. In such a massive ring Chloe was a little overwhelmed by it all, not helped by Merlin trying to leave the ring early on in the class, which upset Chloe. However, she was such a trooper, gathered herself and Merlin together and still managed to handle him very nicely. Sadly she and another little girl, both the youngest in the class weren't placed, but it was very good experience for her.

Our judge Christine Richardson wrote about our dogs saying:

(Henry) Millenium Star Email Of Happiness At Pasturegreen (Imp Rus). Lovely puppy but just looked immature to first, moved well.  Nicely boned and good body.

(The Benson's McKenzie) Pasturegreen Irish Prince At Bernervalley. Very nice dog, just a bit short of coat underneath.  Nice head, moved well. 

(Millie) Fortonpark Millie My Love At Pasturegreen.  Nice bitch, good head, body and bone, just a bit silly.  In good coat and condition. 



RCC & Stud Book Number For Merlin & Stud Book Number for Millie
Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club Championship Show
Sunday 9th June 2013 - Maidstone

Today has been the stuff of dreams, a massive thank you to our judge Mrs Sue Hewart Chambers who loved our Bernese so much to give them so many first prizes.

Merlin (Pasturegreen Trick or Treat) 1st Limit Dog, 1st Breeders Dog, Stud Book Number & RCCMillie (Fortonpark Millie My Love At Pasturegreen) 1st Limit Bitch & Stud Book NumberMerlin (Pasturegreen Trick or Treat) got 1st in Limit Dog and 1st in Breeders dog. In the dog challenge he was awarded the Reserve Championship Certificate. He also obtained his stud book number which means he has qualified himself for Crufts for life. Merlin is from our Halloween Litter, out of our Amy so his achievements today are even more special. (Left)

Millie (Fortonpark Millie My Love At Pasturegreen) got a 1st in Limit Bitch and she too obtained her Stud Book Number and in turn has qualified herself for Crufts for life. Millie was bred by Julie Baldwin our mentor from Fortonpark. (Right)


Bailey (Pasturegreen Irish Cream) 1st Yearling Dog & 1st Novice DogHenry (Millenium Star Email Of Happiness At Pasturegreen) 2nd Minor Puppy Dog & 1st Maiden DogBailey (Pasturegreen Irish Cream) our youngster from our Irish Litter got a 1st in Yearling Dog and 1st in Novice Dog so qualified for Crufts 2014. (Left)

Henry our Russian Imported puppy (Millenium Star Email of Happiness At Pasturegreen) was so good and well behaved at his very first UK show and got a 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog and 1st in Maiden Dog, he too qualified himself for Crufts 2014. (Right)

Today has been the stuff of dreams; One Reserve Championship Certificate, Two Stud Books Numbers, Six First Prizes and One Second Prize and all four of our Show Team Qualified for Crufts, two of which are now Qualified for LIFE!!!

Our judge Sue Hewart-Chambers wrote the following about our dogs:

(Henry) Millenium Star Email Of Happiness At Pasturegreen (Imp Rus).   Really raw baby but everything there.  Lovely head, tight eye and expression, lips a tad loose.  Body developing nicely and good angulations.

(Bailey) Pasturegreen Irish Cream.   Lovely size male, handsome head pleasing expression, dark tight eyes.  A tad narrow in front, tight knuckled feet.  Good depth of chest, well ribbed back, lovely angulations front and rear.  Well set and carried tail.

(Merlin) Pasturegreen Trick Or Treat.    Smart, lovely head piece and dark eyes and pigment.  Tight arched feet.  Pleasing overall shape and angulations, strong rounded croup.  Coat in lovely condition and moved out easily.  Reserve CC.

(Millie) Fortonpark Millie My Love At Pasturegreen.   Another that shouted "look at me".   So much to like.  Very feminine with lovely head piece and beautifully balanced shape.  Pleasing angulations and coat and condition, she looked good on the move with drive and reach.



Happy 6th Birthday Bee Gee Litter
28th May 2013

Meg (Pasturegreen Heartbreaker) at 6 Years OldWe wish our Bee Gee Litter a very Happy 6th Birthday today. This was our Sophie's second litter sired by Champion Fortonpark G'Day Bruce and like all her children the litter has outlived her, for sadly our Sophie never reached her 6th birthday.

Aaran (Pasturegreen Night Fever)(Left) This is Meg (Pasturegreen Heartbreaker) the only bitch in the litter, who lives on the Scottish Borders and shares her life with her beloved human parents and their five children.

We look forward each year to seeing her at the BMDCOS Championship weekend at Kelso and meeting up with her family.

(Right) This is Aaran (Pasturegreen Night Fever) who lives in the Midlands. After being neutered he piled on the pounds but is doing very well now on a Veterinary diet.



Fabulous Long Weekend at Roade
Berner Club of GB Garden Party - Friday 10th May - Monday 13th May '13

On Friday 10th May we headed to Roade with Bertha our Caravan and all our Berners for a long weekend. It's the first time we've used Bertha our Caravan since August 2011, so it was very exciting. Our Berners had been over excited all week as we loaded her up and got her ready for our trip out. The weather had it's odd moments of showers and sunshine but it didn't matter as Bertha kept us all warm and dry.

Setting up Base CampSetting up Base CampSetting up Base Camp

We arrived at lunch time and spent the day unpacking and setting up base camp as we like to call it. The Berners were penned in pairs in our awning to aid working them and to stop the whole pack escaping and galloping about when the pen gate was opened. The trouble with Berners are such events is that they are ever so excited all the time.

On Saturday Ivan (Henry's Russian Litter Brother) turned up with Simba's family. It was wonderful to see them all and Ivan and Henry played and played and rolled about with such happiness. It's eleven weeks since they last saw each other and they were so very happy to be reunited once again for a few hours.

Henry and Ivan Reunited at the Garden PartyHenry and Ivan Reunited at the Garden PartyHenry and Ivan Reunited at the Garden Party
Henry and Ivan Reunited at the Garden PartyHenry and Ivan Reunited at the Garden PartyIvan, Henry's Litter Brother

The GB Club put on a lovely BBQ in the evening with excellent food and even though the weather wasn't great we all had a very nice time catching up.

Sadly the Brewer's caravan let them down and they couldn't make it up, so only came for the day on the Sunday, which was a huge shame.

On Sunday we had Keela's family, Honey's family, Leila's family, Bentley's family and Merlin and Katie's families all arrive. It was wonderful to see them all and their Berners and lovely to compare all the family members. As it was we had three of the four litter sisters reunited from the Snow Litter, Three boys and one girl from the Halloween Litter and sister and brother from the Irish Litter. Lovely for Amy to see some of her babies too.

Bentley, Merlin, Merlin & Katie from the Halloween Litter - 3½ YearsHoney, Anna & Leila from the Snow Litter - 2½ Yearsailey & Keela from the Irish Litter - 18 Months Old

Most of the children who came along enjoyed having a go in the fun classes with their Berners and in the Junior Handling, where the competition was very steep. Millie Brewer was the Overall Event winner for Team Pasturegreen with Matthew Hay as Reserve Winner with 3rd going to Nick Howard, 4th to Sam Howard, 5th to Chloe Green and Team Players were Darcy Brewer, Abbie Green, Honey's family and Keela's family. As usual we gave them our special Team Pasturegreen rosettes and goodies.

Henry eyeing up the LadiesHenry and MillieHenry and Philippa

Henry enjoying the Puppy Parade which went on forever, so Millie helped out handling Henry

At lunch time on the Sunday we had a cold buffet lunch for our families and it was wonderful to all gather to enjoy some time together catching up and talking Berners. The families brought amazingly enjoyable homemade goodies and Debbie Brewer was a complete darling making sandwiches and taking photos.

Team Pasturegreen Families Buffet LunchThe Howard FamilyDebbie & Louise with Chloe at the Buffet

Soon it was all over and the families went home and then Monday came and it was time for us to pack up and head back home to Norfolk.

It was wonderful to see so many of our families and friends but it was our first outing out without dear old Great Uncle Harvey and on several occasions I felt his loss and absence. Watching the Veteran Class was far too much for me on the Sunday, as like so many it's so lovely to see the Golden Oldies but one feels so sad to have lost our own.

A big thank you must go to the Berner club of GB for all their hard work and to our families for making the effort to come along and see us.

Philippa coaching Abbie about how best to handle AmyAbbie handling AmyAbbie Handling Amy

Never too young to do Junior Handling - Abbie who's 4 handling Amy who's 6

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Lovely Day at Grenoside - Sheffield
Berner Club of GB Open Show - Sunday 21st April '13

Today we went to Grenoside Leisure Centre for the Bernese Club of GB Open Show, a super friendly event with great atmosphere and delicious homemade cupcakes. We took our usual show team of Bailey, Merlin and Millie and Henry our Russian Import came for a ride out. Chloe took part in the Junior Handling at lunch time and came 2nd with Merlin, the winner was a professional so she done well against such competition.

Bailey won the Special Members Junior Award class which was nice as it was his last Junior class. In the main classes, Bailey got a 2nd in Junior Dog and 3rd in Novice Dog. Merlin got a 3rd in Limit Dog and Millie got a 2nd in Bitch not Bred by Exhibitor and a 4th in Limit Bitch and a 4th in the Special Members Awards Open class.

Our Judge for the main classes; Mr Russell Jones who wrote about Bailey saying: Another youngster that needs time to mature, he has good head properties, and a nice back.  I feel that he is not quite together yet although he moved quite well. (I'd agree with this as he's all leg at the moment and need's time to fill his frame), he wrote about Merlin saying: This boy stood in a good class.  The first 3 were all good movers and of honest types, with good heads.  All three were quite close. Then he wrote about Millie saying: Moved reasonably well around the ring, good back and reasonable back end.  Good head and bite. (He liked slower movement and nothing our Millie does is ever slow)

Our Judge for the Special Members Awards, Julie Wright, wrote about Bailey saying: 17 month dog well presented in good coat and condition, pleasing head, correct scissor bite, ears set well and used to full advantage, top line level retained on the move.

Philippa showing MerlinMerlin - Pasturegreen Trick or TreatChloe and MerlinMillie - Fortonpark Millie My Love At Pasturegreen

(L-R) Philippa Showing Merlin, Merlin, Chloe and Merlin and Millie



Great Junior Handling From Chloe
Northern Bernese Club Championship Show - Sunday 14th April '13

Chloe handling Merlin in Junior Handling

Today we went to the Northern Bernese Club Championship Show held at Snaith in East Riding of Yorkshire. It was the first English show that Henry our Russian Imported Bernese had been to, so plenty for him to take in.

Chloe over came her shyness and handled Merlin so very well today getting a 1st in her Junior Handling Class and Best Junior Handler, Competition might not have been fierce but it was so great to see her confident and in full control of Merlin who is at least three times her weight and ever so much stronger than her.




R.I.P. Harvey (Pasturegreen SOS)
5th Feb '06 - 18th March '13

We are broken hearted that our beloved Harvey has gone over the rainbow bridge to join his Mother Sophie. Harvey died of old age, which for a Bernese is unusual as so often the dreaded cancer gets them. In the end his body just failed him and we knew the time had come to say goodbye. For me I brought him into the world, I reared him, trained him, worked him and saw him out of this world, he was a wonderful loyal loving fella, full of character and energy and we spent just over seven wonderful years together, he was loved by so many a true gent and helped raise all our Berners here, never a Father but a wonderful loving Uncle. The girls are heart broken, for they have never known life without him, we'll miss you fella, thank you for being so wonderful and such a great friend ................................

Rest In Peace HarveyRest In Peace HarveyRest In Peace Harvey



Lovely Day at Crufts
Sunday 10th March 2013

The highlight of showing dogs is showing at Crufts. This year six Pasturegreen Bernese were entered, five homebred. Philippa showing Millie (Fortonpark Millie My Love at Pasturegreen) in Limit Bitch at Crufts 2013Philippa showing Bailey (Pasturegreen Irish Cream) in Junior Dog where he got a 5th at Crufts 2013Sadly Anna (Pasturegreen Snow White) couldn't go because she was in season. The Benson's brought McKenzie (Pasturegreen Irish Prince At Bernervalley) over from Ireland and showed him in Junior Dog where he got a 3rd. Litter brother Bailey (Pasturegreen Irish Cream) (Top Right) who lives with us got a 5th in the same class.

Anna's litter brother Yogi (Pasturegreen Snow Storm) came to Crufts with his family the Rowley's, unfortunately traffic delays meant that they arrived just minutes before Yogi's class and he was a little over excited in the ring. Crufts is a hard show for the dogs, so many smells, people and noise that it can take them some times to settle down and relax.

Merlin showed beautifully for me in Limit Dog, he's such a lovely dog to show, knows exactly what is expected of him and even though he finds indoor showing fairly stressful he was as good as gold. Unfortunately his class was huge and he didn't make the final cut nor placing.

Philippa showing BaileyPhilippa & BaileyPhilippa & MerlinPhilippa showing Millie

(L-R) Philippa showing Bailey & with Bailey - Philippa & Merlin - Philippa showing Millie

Millie (Top Left) now being shown differently is much better to show and will at least stand still, which is wonderful, in a huge limit bitch class she made the final seven but sadly wasn't placed. For me it was wonderful to have her behaving so nicely.

Chloe & Merlin having HugsChloe & Merlin sharing a loving momentChloe & Abbie

(L-R) Temperament in the Bernese is very important, here is Chloe and Merlin enjoying a few minutes of mutual affection on the floor by the ring at Crufts - and Chloe & Abbie being cheeky!

We were up at 3am and the girls had a lovely day meeting up with lots of people they know. For us it was great to see many friends we'd not seen for ages from all over the UK and Ireland.

ChloeAbbieSharon & Dave Rowley with Yogi (Pasturegreen Snow Storm)Brian being Berner Hugged by Bailey

(L-R) Chloe & Abbie posing for the camera - Sharon & Dave Rowley with Yogi
Bailey giving Brian a Berner Hug



Our New Puppy Henry
Millenium Star Email of Happiness at Pasturegreen

Henry - Millenium Star Email of Happiness at PasturegreenThis is Henry our new Russian Bernese Puppy. Bred by Olga from Millenium Star in Russia, where he lived with his Mother Millenium Star Big Che Bear Holli for the first 8 weeks of his life. Henry was then collected by Svetlana who owns his Father Hot Hugo Duch Wrzosowisk and was taken to Belgium until he was 15 weeks old. We then drove to Belgium via the Euro Tunnel to collect Henry and brought him into England on a Pet Passport.Henry - Millenium Star Email of Happiness at Pasturegreen

We believe that Henry is the first UK resident, Kennel Club Registered, Russian Bred Bernese to be shown in the UK.

Henry has the most super temperament, he has settled into our Bernese pack of six here without any issue and is loved and adored by each and every one of our Bernese. He is the ninth Bernese puppy to be reared by us and the first we've ever imported.

Henry will start his show career in the UK in May when he will be six months. However, this won't be his first show as he was show at 3 months old in Belgium where he picked up Best Baby Bernese Puppy.

Huge massive thanks to Olga & Svetlana for letting us have Henry and for making it possible for him to come to live with us here in the UK.



Bailey - Pasturegreen Irish Cream
Excellent Hips & Elbows

Bailey - Pasturegreen Irish Cream

We are thrilled and delighted that Bailey has excellent hips & elbows. His elbows are clear 0/0 and his Hips are 3 & 5 so totalling 8.


Bailey is out of our Amy (Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen) and sired by Irish Champion Kinelarty Midnight Star Gaze. His breeding lines are half Fortonpark and half Monalou.



Congratulations to our Harvey who celebrates his 7th Birthday Today!!
Born on Sunday February 5th 2006

Happy 7th Birthday Harvey

Harvey is our first Home Bred Veteran, it has taken us 10 years to have a Berner Veteran



Simba (Pasturegreen Snowdrift)
02:12:10 - 20:01:13

We have had tragic news from Simba's family this morning, of the sudden and unexpected death of Simba, last night.

Simba was Mr Blue from our Snow litter. He had been suffering from Masticatory Muscle Myositis in his jaw which was being treated by their Vet. He was getting better when suddenly he died. The vet believes that the drugs he was on to treat his condition lead to his sudden and very tragic death.

We send Simba's family our full condolences and much love at such an awfully tragic time.


Rest In Peace Simba may you run free over the Rainbow Bridge

To read more about the great dog that Simba was click here


Pasturegreen Irish Prince at Bernervalley & Pasturegreen Snow Storm
Qualify For Crufts 2014
at Manchester Championship Show - Saturday 19th January 2013


Huge congratulations to McKenzie's family and to Yogi's family for both qualifying their Pasturegreen Bernese for Crufts 2014, today at Manchester Championship show.

Despite most parts of the country being covered in snow, it didn't stop the Benson's and Rowley's travelling to Stafford Showground for today's show.

Thank you to you both for flying the flag so nicely for us here at Pasturegreen.




Family Walk With Our Bernese
Wednesday 16th January 2013

Merlin & Bailey with Chloe AnnaPhilippa, Abbie, Chloe & Millie
Chloe with Merlin & BaileyBaileyChloe
Mervyn with Abbie & AmyAmyMervyn & Abbie
AmyChloe & Millie with AbbieHarvey

Here we all are enjoying the snow on a family walk



Several Inches of Snow Here at Pasturegreen
Tuesday 15th January 2013

Amy & HarveyAnna & MillieAnna
AnnaChloe & HarveyAnna

Here are our six Bernese having great fun in the snow along with Chloe.

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