2011 News

Amy Has Fantastic Litter sired by Irish Champion Kinelarty Midnight
Star Gaze - Monday 7th November 2011

The Irish Litter a few days oldOn Monday 7th November 2011 Amy had her third and final litter. Once again she whelped her puppies naturally as she's done twice before. Things didn't go plain sailing as we lost the first puppy some hours after birth and the second puppy was born dead. However, three stunning boys appeared and some hours later a stunning bitch.

We decided to keep the pick of the boys who we've called Bailey. The other top male McKenzie went to live with his Father Harvey and the Benson's in Ireland with the remaining boy Murphy and girl Keela going to two super homes, one in Somerset the other in Derbyshire.


To see the Irish Litter's first 8 weeks click here - To Follow the Irish Litter's progress click here

Yogi Qualifies For Crufts 2012
at Midland Counties Champ Show - Sunday 31st October 2011

We are very excited to announce that our Anna's litter brother Yogi has today qualified for Crufts 2012 at Midland Counties Champ Show held at Stafford Showground.

This was Yogi's first time showing at a Championship show. He was shown in Puppy Dog where he got a 5th out of 8 and then Junior Dog where he got a 3rd out of 4. Sharon did very well to calm poor Yogi who'd got attacked by a well known Male Bernese just before he went into the ring.

Huge Congratulations to Yogi's family, you have made us all very proud!


Beth Becomes a Registered PAT Dog
September 2011

Beth the first Pasturegreen Bernese to become a PAT dogWe are so proud to announce that Beth, who is an Amy pup from the Halloween Litter is now registered as a PAT Dog.

Beth as we know has the sweetiest of natures and is a confident, loving Bernese just like her Mother Amy.

She is the first Pasturegreen Bernese to become a PAT Dog, which has made us here at Pasturegreen very proud.

Huge Congratulations to Beth's Family for rearing Beth so nicely to enable her to become a PAT dog.



Lovely Day Out at Darlington Championship Show
Saturday 17th September 2011

Philippa showing MerlinPhilippa Showing AnnaToday we went to Newby House near York to show our Show Team at Darlington Championship Show. Even though the weather was a tad unsettled and our ring resembled dunes with it's very uneven surface we had a super day meeting up with friends and enjoying the whole show scene.

Merlin was in the grown up Post Graduate Dog Class where he got a 3rd. Anna won her class but then she was the only puppy bitch in it! and Millie who's now out of coat got a 3rd in her Post Graduate Bitch class.

Our friends Brian & Bridget travelled up the country to see us and watch the Bernese and Merlin, Millie and Anna enjoyed all the extra attention from them.

Philippa Showing MillieChloe & Abbie eatting ChipsBridget & MillieBrian with Merlin & Millie

After a few hours the show was over for us and it was time to make the long journey home.

(Top Left - Right) Philippa Showing Merlin - Philippa Showing Anna
(Bottom Left - Right) Philippa Showing Millie - Chloe & Abbie eating Chips - Bridget with Millie
Brian with Merlin & Millie

Merlin with Philippa at Richmond Championship Dog ShowMerlin Wins Again at Richmond Championship Dog Show
Loseley Park, Surrey - Saturday 10th September 2011

Today we went to Loseley Park near Guildford in Surrey for the Richmond Championship Dog Show, in all the years we've been showing it's the very first time we've ever shown at this show, so it made for a nice change to be going to a different venue. The venue was spacious but lacked the class of Windsor Championship Dog Show and the grass could have been shorter and better attended too!

Our handsome Merlin won his Special Yearling Dog Class and was a strong contender in the Dog Challenge later on with the Judge remarking on how super he is and that he just needs time to mature up. Anna was being a tad silly about being gone over but still got a 3rd in her Puppy Bitch class and Millie, who's now out of coat got a 2nd in her Post Graduate Bitch Class, so all in all we had a good day out.

Our Judge Jeff Luscott wrote about Merlin & Millie saying:

(Merlin) Pasturegreen Trick Or Treat. Has the balance and outline with a well made head and front.  Carries a good coat, topline and rear end with strong quarters.  Shown in great overall condition and kept his outline on the move to win. 

(Millie) Fortonpark Millie My Love At Pasturegreen.  Developing well this lady has the typical head, eye and ear.  She has the shape, good size and substance, she covers the ground on the move.  Just needs the filling of maturity to challenge further.

Yogi aka Pasturegreen Snow Storm goes Best In Show!!

We are extremely delighted and proud to report that Sharon & Dave's Yogi, aka Pasturegreen Snow Storm took Best in Show on Saturday 3rd August at Eccleshall Dog Show.

Yogi won his first class which was Best Condition Dog and then against a huge class of all manner of pedigree puppies he won the puppy class too, later taking Best In Show. An enormous achievement for any dog but for a 9 month old Bernese puppy just simply fantastic.

Yogi also took Best Condition Dog at the Betley Dog show in early August.

Yogi at Betley Dog ShowYogi at Betley Dog ShowYogi at Betley Dog Show

Huge congratulations to Yogi's Mum & Dad, who are obviously doing a great job with him, lets hope we get to see Yogi showing much more in the future and at some top prestige shows too.

Even though both shows aren't huge prestige ones, to do well with a Bernese in general at such an event is very difficult for the more popular breeds are the ones which are more often than not are the one's chosen, which makes Yogi's achievements even more remarkable. Often it is much easier to do better with a good dog if you are competing against it's own kind.

Yogi at Eccleshall Dog ShowYogi at Eccleshall Dog ShowYogi at Eccleshall Dog Show

Yogi was the 6th puppy born in our Snow Litter - to see Yogi's page click here

Very Wet & Muddy BMDC of Scotland Championship Weekend
Saturday - Sunday 6th & 7th August 2011 - Kelso

We arrived in convoy with the Brewers to Kelso showground on Thursday lunch time to be welcomed by typical Scottish drizzly weather but warmly by the committee who as usual gave us a fantastic goodie bag and additional kiddie bags for the girls, they don't 'alf know how to treat one nicely in Scotland!! We set up camp in the rain and were later joined by the Hays with their tent & Leila. We were also lucky enough to have Beth staying with us on holiday, sadly she was too much out of coat to be shown over the weekend. After all the work was done and the rain had stopped we enjoyed a lovely Indian takeaway from Kelso.

Our Camp at Kelso

On Friday the weather was warm and dry and any mud about had dried up, the committee hosted a Nanny McPhee talk on dog behaviour in the evening, which Debbie and I found fantastic and so informative. That evening we were joined by Brian & Bridget and their tent.

Philippa showing MerlinPhilippa showing MerlinPhilippa showing Merlin

Philippa showing Merlin aka Pasturegreen Treat or Treat

Saturday it was the Championship show, Merlin got a 2nd in his Special Yearling Dog class under well known judge and exhibitioner Tony Granger. It was wonderful that the sun was shinning and we were outside, sadly though by the time it was the bitch judging under Mark Wakeland, another well known judge and exhibitioner, we were indoors and "oh boy" was it raining!! Leila and Anna were both in the Minor Puppy Bitch class, where Leila got a 5th and Anna was unplaced which wasn't surprising as she was too interested in what Leila was doing instead of what she was supposed to be doing. Leila then got a 1st in Maiden Bitch and a 4th in Novice Bitch, which was fantastic and was handled most expertly by her Mum Louise. Millie then got a 1st in her Graduate Bitch class and as Philippa handled her in the bitch challenge something spooked her causing Philippa to trip over her and in turn Philippa did a nice job of grazing her hands and legs, but the show must go on and Philippa continued to handle Millie until the bitch challenge was over, despite being battered, bruised & bleeding.

Louise showing LeilaLouise showing LeilaPhilippa showing MilliePhilippa showing AnnaPhilippa Showing Anna

(L-R) Louise Showing Leila (pic 1 & 2) - Philippa showing Millie (pic 3) & Philippa showing Anna (pic 4 & 5)

Our Dog judge, Tony Granger wrote about our Merlin saying: Sound type, very attractive qualities. Pleasing head, eyes and expression. Well developed in chest, ribs and body. Strong neck, firm level top line. Good legs and feet. Correct coat in excellent condition.

Our Bitch judge, Mark Wakeland wrote about our Millie saying: Compact, cobby shape bitch in excellent condition. Well marked with dark tan, dark eye and good head. Well made with correct shoulders and well angulated hindquarters. Moved with drive and purpose.

Mark Wakeland also wrote about Leila saying: A puppy from a previous class, she is very lively exhibiting that typical puppy exuberance - which although great to see, is not ideal for the show ring. She has plenty of time to settle though and far better to be outgoing than nervous! That said, she went better in this class than the previous and was more settled. Looks slightly rangy at the moment but shows promise and has all the attributes to enable her to develop into a very good dog. She has good shape and when moving calmly, can move well.

Saturday night was a wash out as the rain just didn't let up, as the mud got worse in camp the spirits got higher and the alcohol flowed more and a great fun time was had over our Chinese takeaway. I think I'm safe in saying we were all laughing our heads off by the end of the evening and had almost forgotten about the awful weather.

Sunday was even wetter and Debbie and I took our collective five children over to the main hall with Katie, Amy, and our two Merlins for the fun classes. We would have entered all the dogs had it been outside but as we were indoors and had no where to tie the dogs up, we just took a few. The children, had a super time going in and out of the ring with the dogs and collecting lots of prizes, to read more and see lots of pictures have a look at our Team Pasturegreen section. Because of the rain we didn't do any carting with the dogs over the weekend nor worked them at obedience.

(L-R) Harvey & Merlin (pic 1 & 2) Millie & Anna

Mervyn had decided he'd had enough of the rain and mud and had started to pack up on the Sunday morning but by the time Debbie and I returned with the children and dogs he'd decided to stay until Monday as originally planned. The rain continued into Monday morning but we had a super time and it didn't dampen our spirits.

Monday we packed up and were towed off site by a large blue Ford tractor, which was really cool in the children's opinion. Actually it's not every day you need a tractor to tow you off site and made the weekend even more memorable.

Bertha being towed off siteBertha being towed off siteBertha being towed off site

Bertha our Caravan being towed off site by Big Blue Ford Tractor

Huge Competition at East of England Ladies Kennel Society Open Show
Sunday 31st July 2011

Today we went to the Rowley Mile Racecourse at Newmarket for the EELKS Open Show. Anna got a 1st in her Junior Bernese class. Merlin got a 1st in his Post Graduate Bernese class and Millie got a 1st in her Open Bernese class. Anna then went on to take Best Puppy In Breed. Merlin took Best of Breed and Millie took Reserve Best of Breed.

How wonderful to do so well, however, we were the only exhibitors of Bernese at the show, for the other entrant was absent. To have had some actual competition other than ourselves would have been so much better.

Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club Working Weekend
The Blue Ship, Billingshurst, West Sussex
Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th July 2011

Friday Lunch TimeFriday Breakfast TimeWe arrived on Thursday minutes before noon to find a nice empty meadow apart from two other campers who'd not long since arrived. We set up camp in our favourite place. The weather was dry and warm but not too hot for the dogs. That evening we ate in The Blue Ship Pub which the meadows back onto and had a super proper English pub meal. On Friday we were joined by the Brewer family who have Merlin from the Halloween Litter. They parked up their camper van Shelly opposite our Caravan Bertha and we joined our camps together like we've done many times before. Gill & RubyMichelle & HoneyThe Brewer's MerlinThat evening we enjoyed another meal in The Blue Ship Pub and our combined children of five and Debbie's niece Jade enjoyed a few hours of play before bedtime.

On Saturday we were joined by the Snow Litter families; the Edwards with Honey and the Hinds with Ruby. It was fantastic to see both and it was the first time we'd seen Ruby and her family since she left us as an 8 week old puppy. During the morning Mervyn and Philippa worked the carting course with Amy & Harvey and Mervyn along with Abbie and Chloe competed in the carting classes in the main ring.

Philippa is so very proud of Harvey for not only did he get a 4th on the Advanced Carting course but more importantly he passed his third Advanced carting course, which is quite an achievement.

Harvey working the carting courseHarvey going over the bridge on the carting courseMervyn and Harvey got a 4th in the Best Carting Turnout and a 4th in the Swiss Carting class with Amy and the girls. Both classes were well supported so to have got placed in both was super.

Neil Stanton from Big Dog World brought his super black Newfoundland Elvis along for a day out and tried him at carting which he took to in an instant, what a star! It was nice for our Team Pasturegreen sponsor to meet some of our Team Pasturegreen families.

Brian with our AnnaAfter a buffet salady lunch, which we'd laid on for all our families, the children and adults all enjoyed competing in the fun classes and Ruby with her Dad Phil working her first Obedience test, of which she got a 5th.

Amy working the carting course with MervynAnna got a 2nd in her puppy class with Merlin winning his Handsome dog class. Katie got a 1st in the Abso class with Amy getting a 3rd in her Prettiest Bitch class.

That evening we laid on a BBQ for our families and friends. Gavin Brewer helped by his eldest daughter Lucy did an amazing job cooking the BBQ for which we were most grateful and at one point two hot air balloons came over low enough for us to all have a good look at them.Mervyn & Amy with Chloe and Abbie getting 4th in the Swiss Class

On the Sunday the Brewer children and their Niece were keen to enter as many classes as possible in a bid to earn points for Team Pasturegreen, so all our collective dogs were entered in every class possible. Mervyn & Amy with the girls doing the Swiss ClassIt made for a mad few hours as the dogs all most happily went in and out of the ring, class by class being handled by many different children. Brian & Bridget also had a go at handling some of the dogs and as prospect future Bernese owners had come along to the weekend to meet lots of Bernese.

By lunch time all but the Junior Handler classes were over. With three Junior Handling classes on offer, we rounded our troops and put in a good entry. Darcy at only 5 won her baby class with our Amy, the first time she'd ever done such a class and it was very clear she'd been listening to her sister's pep talk earlier on in the day. Her older sister Millie won her Junior handling class with Katie and their big sister Lucy feeling the pressure was just beaten into 2nd place in her class also with our Katie.Darcy & Chloe enjoying their magazines in the sun

After all the classes were done it was time for the dogs to have a well earned rest and with the fans going in the awning they soon cooled down and dozed for the rest of the day, in-between toilet trips.

We spent a most enjoyable afternoon and evening with the Brewer family and were all packed up and ready to leave just after noon on the Monday, stopping together on the M11 services for lunch.

A fantastic event, wonderful friendly company and super dry, warm weather what more could you ask for?

To see more about this event visit our Team Pasturegreen section

Our Van Jackie & Our Caravan Bertha who make these weekends possibleShelly being loaded for the off

Hat Trick at East of England Championship Dog Show
Saturday 9th July 2011

You could say we're on a roll at the moment? today we went to Peterborough Showground for the East of England Championship Dog Show, we were the second breed in the ring and my goodness did the judge take her time with the first breed, two hours for 22 dogs must be a record in slowness? Anyhow once Peter Radley got his hands on the Bernese he soon whizzed though them and thank goodness he did for Chloe had a birthday party at 3pm which she was keen not to miss. As it turned out she was five minutes late so not bad, all things considered.

Merlin in a class of three got a 1st in Graduate Dog, what a super lad he's maturing into and such a joy to own. Millie in a class of five with one absent also got a 1st in Graduate Bitch, she was in one of her silly moods and didn't want to stand still but the judge must have seen though her youthful silliness. Anna out of a class of two also got a 1st in Minor Puppy Bitch. Her first 1st at a Championship show and finally she's broken the chain of 3rd's which she's been having of late.

Merlin & PhilippaAnna & PhilippaMillie & Philippa

(Top L-R) - Merlin & Philippa, Anna Winning her Class, Millie & Philippa
(Bottom L-R) - Merlin, Millie & Anna


Our judge Peter Radley wrote about our Merlin saying: Typy youngster, presenting a most attractive profile picture with nice body shape & proportions, pleasing masculine head of good width, nice markings and coat, well off for bone & substance, balanced angulation front and rear but a bit wide on approach.

The same judge wrote about our Anna saying: Promising 7 month baby, well grown for age and nicely marked, pretty head giving typical expression, nice body shape, moved freely but as yet very loose all through.

and about Millie Peter Radley wrote: Very nice bitch of nice type winning a strong class and in serious contention in the challenge. Pretty feminine head of good width giving typical expression, good overall confirmation with balanced outline front and rear and firm level top line, pleasing bone and substance, good coat and markings, moved freely with good reach and drive.

Three 1st's at Windsor Championship Dog Show
Friday 1st July 2011

We left at 5am to be sure that we didn't get held up on the M25 and in turn be late for Windsor Championship Dog show, being a Friday we knew the traffic would be awful. As it was we left at the perfect time and even though the roads were heavy with traffic we had an easy journey.

Becky & Au-pair Laura arrived with Beth. Laura was a big hit with Chloe & Abbie and it was super to have her there to play and watch over the girls which gave Mervyn and Philippa more time to chat to their fellow exhibitors & friends.

Merlin got a 1st in Yearling Dog, Millie got a 1st in Yearling Bitch and Anna got another 3rd in Minor Puppy Bitch. This is the third championship show she's done and the third 3rd she's got.

Becky showed Beth beautifully getting a 1st in Post Graduate Bitch and a 4th in Yearling Bitch.

After we done for the day at Windsor we went to see Honey from the Snow Litter and her family. Honey had been extremely ill several weeks ago with E.Coli poisoning and it is remarkable that she pulled though as the odds were stacked against her. It was truly fantastic to see her galloping about and being a typical six month Bernese puppy.

After several super hours with Honey and her family we had a hellish journey home and finally got back a little after 9pm. What a day! but a good one.

Our Judge Sue Garner wrote the following about our dogs:

Merlin - A promising youngster, very nice type, correct coat markings. Very well angulated shoulders and upper arm giving him a very sound movement. His head needs to catch up with the rest of him, this will come.

Millie - Very nice type, correct markings and good colour. Pleasing head, good lines. Well constructed giving correct movement. Good bone and feet.

Beth - Went better in this class than Yearling Bitch. Very nice head and expression, nice type. Sound moving, kept shape, very good in profile.

Anna Best Puppy in Breed
Royal Norfolk Show - Wednesday 29th June 2011

Today we showed Millie, Merlin and Anna at the Royal Norfolk Show at Norwich, our most local of shows for this year. Becky & David were also there showing Beth. Anna was in the first class of the day and as the only entrant got 1st place and then took Best Puppy in Breed. In the Post Graduate class Merlin took a 2nd and Beth took a 3rd and in the Open class, Millie took a 2nd and Beth took another 3rd. There was a nice turnout for such a small show and after a couple of hours it was all over and we headed off home.


(Left - Right) Merlin, Millie, Anna & Beth

Family Holiday to the North Yorkshire Moors
Thursday 16th June - Thursday 23rd June 2011

We spent another super week at Hill Farm Cottages on the North Yorkshire Moors and thoroughly enjoyed their new gym facilities and the dogs greatly enjoyed the freedom of galloping about to their hearts content in their many meadows which were wonderfully sheep free.

Anna with Mervyn & AbbieAmyHarvey

(Left - Right) Anna with Mervyn & Abbie - Amy watching her pack & Harvey enjoying himself

We didn't have the best week for weather and on some days it was a case of jumping the showers, but even though our holiday was far from restful, it was never going to be with six Bernese Mountain dogs and two small children, it was enjoyable.

AnnaKatie, Merlin, Harvey & MillieChloe with Amy

(Left - Right) Anna, Katie - Merlin - Harvey & Millie, Chloe with Amy

Friday we took a trip up to Grosmont and watched the steam trains coming in. We thoroughly enjoy their infamous cornish pasty, chips and beans which is the best we've ever had with the pasty being home made, it's almost worth the trip just for that, except we never get tried of watching the magic of steam trains. The dogs got plenty of attention as usual and were enjoying posing for photos from many people.

(L-R) Harvey, Merlin, Millie, Anna, Katie & Amy

(Left - Right) Harvey, Merlin, Millie, Anna, Katie & Amy - Three Generations

On the Monday we had a fantastic day at Runswick Bay, our best day for weather and with an almost empty beach and low tide we had so much fun with the dogs exploring the shallow pools. The dogs had plenty of time in the sea swimming about and before and after our visit to the beach the super cafe on the sea front served up their fantastic sandwiches and cake. The girls loved the freedom to run about and play in the sand and it was one of those days that none of us wanted to end.


(Left - Right) Merlin, Harvey & Amy

MillieAnnaKatie & Anna

(Left - Right) Millie, Anna & Katie & Anna


(Left - Right) Anna, Katie & Merlin

On the Tuesday we enjoyed a super trip to Saltburn, we were very lucky to be able to take the cliff tram down to the shoreline and the operators greatly admired our Bernese. They said that it was the most dogs that they'd ever had in the tram at one time and the biggest dogs too, which was rather nice. So often these days people aren't that accommodating when they see our six big hairy Bernese and we get used to having to deal with the dog hating public so it was fantastic that the operators and people we met at Saltburn were so welcoming and so nice. It was low tide on the beach and on the doggy part the dogs ran and ran and had so much fun. They enjoyed the pools of water and all had a nice swim in the sea. The weather was breezy but dry and it was so enjoyable. The operators of the Cliff tram brought out water for the dogs and gave them doggy treats and it was so refreshing how lovely they were to us and our dogs.


(Left - Right) Amy, Merlin & Harvey

Philippa & Chloe with several BernesePhilippa with her brood of girls and dogsChloe with Abbie and Mervyn

(Left - Right) Philippa with Amy, Merlin, Millie & Anna with Chloe
Philippa with her brood of dogs and children - Chloe & Abbie with Mervyn

Katie & AnnaMillie & KatieAbbie with Merlin

(Left - Right) Katie - Anna, Millie - Katie & Merlin with Abbie

HarveyMerlin, Anna & KatieKatie & Merlin

(Left - Right) Harvey, Merlin - Anna - Katie, Katie - Merlin

However, a classic example of non doggy friendly places was on Wednesday when we went to Filey, at Filey they don't like dogs, no dogs allowed on the beach with huge signs up everywhere and with the weather really wet later on we managed to spend a brief time at Robin's Hood Bay with the girls, however it wasn't the day we had hoped for.

We were unable to do much walking across the moors this time as Anna is only six months so were limited as to how much exercise she could have but as Abbie is only two and has got to that stage where she is either too heavy to be carried for long or won't walk far it didn't really matter.

Beth Qualifies for Crufts 2012 at Southern Bernese Club Championship Show
Sunday 12th June 2011

Becky handling Beth for the Judge to look atPhilippa handling Millie for the Judge to look atDid it rain or did it rain today at Leatherhead for the Southern BMDC Championship show. This show is usually held outside on the playing fields but sadly the rain put pay to this, so this year and we were indoors. A tough decision for the committee to decide indoors or out as it was only drizzling at the time when the show was being set up, but they made the right decision.

Beth accompanied by her family had a very successful day. It was Becky's first time showing Beth and what a good handler she is and really did Beth proud. We are so thrilled and delighted that Beth qualified for Crufts by getting a 2nd in her Yearling Bitch Class she also got a 1st in her Maiden Bitch Class and a 3rd in her Novice Bitch Class. Later on Becky handled Beth for me in the Breeders Bitch class and got a 1st in that too!

Becky showing BethPhilippa Showing AnnaShowing indoors is never as good as outside, the noise and cramp surrounds can easily unsettle a dog and our Merlin wasn't as relaxed as normal. However, he still managed to get a 2nd in Yearling Dog and a 1st in Breeders Dog.

Philippa Showing MerlinMillie got a 4th in her Yearling Bitch class and a 2nd in her Graduate Bitch class. Anna was very good in her Minor Puppy class, she wasn't overly keen on the judge going over her but was still good and got a 3rd in a strong class.

The last class of the day for us was the Progeny Bitch class, this is the first time we've been able to do this class as one needs to have three of that bitch's progeny also showing at the same show. With my very capable handler Becky helping me we took Amy accompanied by her offspring; litter brother and sister Merlin and Beth and half sister Anna into the ring and were thrilled to take 1st place.

The judges wrote the following about our dogs:

Pasturegreen Snow White. Nice baby, a little shy today though she moved happily. Good eyes, nice bone, good over the rump.
Pasturegreen Magic Wand. Good head, pleasing neck and shoulders. Nice legs and feet, good top line. Nice coat, looked her best on the move.
Fortonpark Millie My Love at Pasturegreen. Very pretty bitch, good head and eyes, nice strong colours. Well coupled, well bodied.
Pasturegreen Trick Or Treat
. Very glamorous dog standing. Attractive head type. In excellent coat and condition and strong level top line. Slightly narrow in chest. Moved OK.

Anna Qualifies for Crufts 2012 at First Show
Southern Counties Championship Show - Sunday 5th June 2011

Philippa showing Merlin at 19 monthsMerlin at 19 monthsToday we went to the Southern Counties Championship Show at Newbury Showground. We showed under the Dutch judge, ILona Y Ostenk-Schenk who seemed to like our dogs. Millie, Merlin and Anna were all in slightly older or more experienced classes than normal as there wasn't the number of classes on offer as usual.

For Merlin who is currently showing in Special Yearling classes he was shown in the much more experienced Post Graduate Dog Class where he got a 3rd. Millie having her write up done by the judge with Philippa
Had he not already qualified himself already for Crufts 2012 then he would have qualified at this show.

Millie who is also showing in Special Yearling Classes was shown in the Post Graduate Bitch class where she got a 1st. An amazing achievement considering she was the 2nd youngest in the class. She has also already qualified herself previously for Crufts 2012 and this win would have qualified her, had she not already.

Anna standing in her first Puppy classChloe cuddling AnnaFor Anna it was her first proper dog show. At 6 months and three days quite a baby and by far the youngest in the Puppy bitch class. Normally she'd be shown in the Minor Puppy Bitch Class but this wasn't on offer at this show. Anna put on a super performance and got a 3rd which has qualified her for Crufts 2012.


Abbie fast asleep in her buggyThree wonderful show dogs doing us once again proud here at Pasturegreen.



A 5am start soon catches up with the girls & dogs too


Team Pasturegreen is Launched at Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain
Garden Party - Sunday 22nd May 2011

On Saturday we travelled in convoy with Merlin's family, the Brewers, to Roade in Northamptonshire for the GB Bernese Club's Garden Party. The weather was warm if a tad windy and we had a super time on the Saturday setting up camp. Simba's family, the Welsh's had already set up camp and a little after lunch time Leila's family, the Hays, arrived to collect her, as she'd been staying with us whilst they were on holiday, they then spent the afternoon with us. In the evening the club put on a BBQ which was most enjoyable and it was great to spend a really nice socialable evening surrounded by like minded Bernese owners and lots of our own Bernese with their families.

On Sunday we had two litter reunions; Bentley's family from the Halloween litter joined our Katie and Merlin and the Brewer's Merlin to make four litter mates and from the Snow litter; Ted's family, the Collins, Honey's Family, the Edwards, Yogi's Family, the Rowley's joined Leila & Simba's families with our Anna to make six of the Snow litter. It was truly fantastic to be surrounded by so many of our Bernese and to see them again and all their families. It was lovely that all these families had made the effort to come along and support us.

At this event we launched Team Pasturegreen, more about our Exclusive club can be found on the Team News section of our web site. The Event winner was Lucy Brewer who got two 1st's and a 3rd to give her a winning score of 16, closely followed by Nick Howard who had achieved 11 points from three classes with a 2nd, 3rd & 5th. Every family who came on Sunday got an exclusive Team Pasturegreen Ring Clip and for those children who weren't in the top six they all got a Team Pasturegreen Team Player Rosette.

With so much going on with Team Pasturegreen and with the Garden Party not run quite as well as it has been for many years, we didn't actually compete that much ourselves. Merlin got a 3rd in Handsome dog, beaten by his litter brother Bentley who won the class with his Mum Kerstie.

Both Amy & Harvey worked the Advanced Carting course and Katie & Merlin were very good natured about being handled by various children in various classes throughout the day. In the Puppy Parade it was fantastic to see so many of our puppies and it was nice that we all got a rosette.

Bertha our super caravan, now sporting her new super picture of our dogs; very professionally done by 360 Sign & Design, Banham, Norfolk, made our weekend very comfortable and all too soon it was time for the Brewer's to pack up and go home on the Sunday evening and for us to leave on the Monday morning.

Merlin Brewer looking very much like his Mother Amy

Harvey Working the Advanced Carting Course with Philippa & enjoying a good roll in the grass afterwards.

Amy working the Advanced Carting course with Mervyn

The dogs enjoying a good run about after a busy day

(Right) - Katie looking very beautiful

Merlin wins again at Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open Show
Sunday 15th May 2011

Millie and PhilippaYou could say that our Merlin is on a roll, winning yet another class, this time the Yearling Dog class at the CBMDC Open Show. Merlin is really maturing into a very handsome fella and such a gentleman.

Millie (pictured Left & right) was her usual silly self but still managed to get a 3rd in her Yearling Bitch Class.

During the lunch break, a companion show was held where we entered Anna and her sister Leila, who is currently on holiday with us. Anna won the Any Variety Puppy Class with Leila getting a very respectable 3rd place and handled most expertly by Julie McPherson.

As you can see a proper family day out!

With all the dogs at the Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open Show - Leila in the Middle

In the carting Amy got a 5th in her first Advanced Carting course competition with Mervyn and Harvey just missing out on the placings handled by Philippa.

Even though the weather was a tad showery, typical it should happen to rain whilst I was in the ring with Merlin, not that he was bothered, a cooler day than late made for most comfortable weather for the dogs, of which we had seven with us.

Abbie at two years old leading Amy around the ring with her cart.
A true testament to Amy's super calm nature, which she's passed onto all her puppies.

Our judge Pat Myers wrote about our Merlin saying: Well presented dog of good proportions, Lovely expression helped by dark eye of correct shape.

The judge also wrote about our Millie saying: I am sure this girl is better than the place I gave her today but she was so excited that she flew her tail and it was hard to assess her stance and movement as she was so interested in everything round and about her.

In the companion show our judge Mike Sargent wrote about Anna saying: 5½ months. A happy puppy bitch, moved well when she had settled. Well constructed with plenty of substance. Nice dark eyes. Coat still developing.

Lovely Weekend at Bernese Working Cart Group of Great Britain Training Weekend
Friday 22nd April - Monday 25th April 2011

Beth at 18 MonthsHarvey at Five YearsWhat a wonderful long weekend we've just had at Roade in Northampton for the Bernese Working Cart Group of Great Britain Training Weekend.

It was our first outing with Bertha, our new Caravan and the weather was fantastic, if a tad warm on the Saturday for the dogs, but then Bertha comes with a generator and as we'd brought our big fan from home we were able to keep the dogs nice and cool in the awning.

Merlin at 18 MonthsL-R Millie, Beth & HarveyWe were delighted to have Beth, Katie & Merlin's litter sister, staying with us once again and as per usual she was extremely well behaved and a joy to have around.

Chloe & Abbie had a super time playing with Emily Green and her friend and it was nice that we got a few moments of peace when Emily and her friend took them to the playground nearby.

Millie at 21 MonthsChloe enjoying herselfThe Bernese Working Cart Group hosted a fantastic weekend with two action packed days. It was really nice to be able to work the course and to practice in readiness for the 2011 carting season.

Lee did a sterling job at helping Katie and Millie pull the log around the site and in turn they started their cart training. Neither are ready for the training wheels as of yet but we hope shortly they will be.

Abbie enjoying herselfAmy tried from working the Carting CourseHarvey has learned to steady himself on the working cart course and on his second round on the Sunday was doing very well. Harvey is an advanced carting dog with two passes on the Advanced course so 2011 will hopefully see him pass his 3rd course and in turn gain his Advanced Carting Dog title.

Amy worked her first advanced course with Mervyn which was nice for them both, a bit daunting but once they've practiced the new areas of the course, they, I'm sure, will be a winning team once again.

Harvey going steady on the Carting CourseOn the Saturday evening the group put on a fabulous BBQ with a Bernese auction and quiz afterwards. The food and entertainment was second to none and there was a real friendly Harvey doing the Reverse on the Carting Courseand happy feel to the whole weekend. On the Sunday another general knowledge quiz was hosted with nibbles.

We hadn't intended to stay the Sunday night but as we were enjoying the event so much and in turn Bertha that we decided to stay. Packing up Bertha was so quick and easy after the five Harvey doing the Load on the Carting Courseyears of tenting it and with the dogs in their new pen in the awning they too had much more space and seeming much more at ease.

Big thanks have to go to the Bernese Carting Group of Great Britain for hosting such a great and enjoyable event and for anyone interested in carting with their Bernese then you'll not find a nicer group of friendly people in the dog world.Harvey working the Advanced Carting Course

Also extra special thanks has to go to Lee & Julie for helping us so much when we arrived and for Roy Toms as well for all his expert help and advice. Between them we would have been in a right old muddle getting to grips with Bertha and it's how the Carting Group are, very friendly and everyone helping and looking out for each other. Lastly we must thank Tom for having some suitable screws for our cart which we'd somehow mislaid which enabled us to use it over the weekend.

"Fantastic Day" Three 1st's at Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open Show
Grenoside, Sheffield - Sunday 17th April 2011

What a fantastic day we had showing at Grenoside near Sheffield. We took Merlin, Millie, Anna and Beth (Merlin & Katie's litter sister from the Halloween litter). Because we knew that Beth would be on holiday with us when the show was on we entered her just to see how she'd go.


Beth looking very beautiful

Merlin, who's having a fantastic run at the moment in the show ring, won both his Junior and Novice Dog classes and then went on to win the Special Junior Dog Award. For Beth it was her very first show, as per usual she was very relaxed and laid back by the whole event and showed like a true star. In her Junior Bitch class, out of seven she got a 2nd, it was a close shave between her and another bitch who was her half sister for the first place, but in the end the more experienced show dog got it. We are extremely proud of not only Merlin but his litter sister Beth and very much hope that Beth will make many more appearances in the ring in the future.

Anna At Four MonthsMerlinMerlin

Left - Anna in the front of the Van - Middle & Right - Our Handsome Merlin

We took Anna for a ride out, she had a super time meeting lots of people and watching the world go by. Such an event is very good experience for Anna as it won't be many weeks before she too is in the show ring.

Our Judge Anne Gerard wrote about our Merlin saying: Good sized dog, good bone, strong head with gentle expression, correct tail set Moved OK.

She also wrote about Beth saying: Medium sized bitch with enough bone and good rear angulation, would have preferred darker eye, moved well

In the Special Awards our judge Katie Scobie wrote about our Merlin saying: 17th month old male good bone broad chest straight top line, handsome face good movement

After the show we travelled North to Burnley, Lancashire, and collected our new Bailey Senator six berth caravan which we've nicknamed Bertha. Bertha will tour the country with us for working events during the summer months.

We left home at 5am and returned home with Bertha in tow around midnight having clocked up a round trip of 600 miles. A long but very exciting day for us all.

Bad Back at Northern Bernese Mountain Dog Championship Show
Sunday 20th March 2011

Merlin with PhilippaMillie with PhilippaWhat a day! Having hurt my back during the week and having been put back together by my excellent Back Guy Nick Aldous at the Back Clinic, I was a bit stiff when we arrived at Leeds after our 2½ hour journey from Norfolk. As the day went on I got stiffer and stiffer and by the time we got home my back had completely locked up. Because of my back the dogs kind of had to fend for themselves in the ring with little help from me. As it was our wonderful Merlin and Millie still managed to do well despite me being unable to run properly round the ring or stand them as professionally as normal. Millie and her four litter sistersMillie got a 3rd in Special Yearling Bitch and a 4th in Novice Bitch and Merlin got a 2nd in Novice Dog and a 5th in Junior Dog. Because of my back I let the dogs down and therefore they didn't do as well as they could have done, had I been firing on all four as normal.

The venue at My Pet Stop, Tingley has to be the most comfortable of dog show surroundings and despite my back we had a lovely day. We took Anna along for the ride and she was so good and relaxed about everything. She got to meet her Dad Boyice (Goodboy Van't Stokerybos) who won his Limit Dog class and took the Reserve Dog Ticket and Millie's four litter sisters were there which was great.

The Judge Lynn Brand wrote about our Merlin saying: 5th Junior Dog, 2nd In Novice Dog class, tail carriage a little gay, became tired towards end of class.

She wrote about Millie saying: Slightly light framed bitch, feminine head, rich tan markings, well balanced body, could have more depth throughout, moved well. Excellent type.

Three First Prizes & a 4th At Crufts
Friday 11th March 2011

What an amazing day we had at Crufts. Even though we'd qualified four of our Bernese for Crufts 2011 we were only able to take two; Merlin and Millie. Our day started at 3am and we weren't home again until 8.30pm so a long day, especially for our two little girls, Chloe and Abbie.

Abbie asleep in her buggyChloe & Abbie Running Round The Ring At Crufts 2011Millie Sitting Next To Chloe &  Her Dolly

(Left - Right) Abbie asleep in her buggy - The Girls running round the ring at Crufts - Millie & Chloe

Merlin won his first class which was Special Junior Dog. He then went on to take a 4th in his second class, Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog.

Millie won both her classes; Special Yearling Bitch and Kennel Club Good Citizen Bitch. In her first class she beat not only her three litter sisters but also her Breeder Julie Baldwin, which for us was an amazing moment.

To qualify your Bernese for Crufts is wonderful, to get placed at Crufts is just a great feeling but to get three first prizes and a 4th at Crufts with one's Bernese who in our case our first and foremost our beloved family pets is just the most amazing and heart whelming feeling.

Merlin and Millie have now both qualified for Crufts 2012 at their first qualifying show of the year, which is just fantastic.

Merlin at his BenchMerlin Getting 1st Place in Special Junior DogMerlin Standing in the Ring At Crufts

Merlin - Pasturegreen Trick or Treat

1st Special Junior Dog
4th Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog

(Left - Right) Merlin By His Bench - Judge Terry Munro Writing Notes on Merlin - Merlin Standing

Millie Having Her Write Up Done by Judge Terry MunroMillie At Her BenchMillie in the ring at Crufts

Millie - Fortonpark Millie My Love At Pasturegreen

1st Special Yearling Bitch
1st Kennel Club Good Citizen Bitch

(Left - Right) Judge Terry Munro Writing Notes on Millie - Millie By Her Bench - Happy Millie Standing

Special thanks has to go to our two fantastic dogs Millie and Merlin, to Amy the mother of our fabulous Merlin, to Julie Baldwin for breeding Millie and entrusting her to us for which we will always be very grateful and of course the Crufts Judge Terry Munro for making our day so memorable.

Here's what Terry Munro wrote about our dogs:

Special Junior Dog (10, 1)
 Mid size, compact of good strength.  Developed stop, lovely dark almond eyes, well set and carried ears.  Body showing breadth and depth, balanced angulation came to the fore on his movement.

Yearling Bitch (19, 3)
  Very excited, alert, full of energy but when calm really looks the picture.  Well proportioned, mid size with expressive feminine head, flat skull.  Nice in body and quarters, active tail, her movement when calm, is wonderful.

Three First Prizes at Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open Show
Sunday 13th February 2011

Merlin being handled by PhilippaToday we went to the Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open Show at Leatherhead. It was the first show of the season for us and as the dogs haven't shown since last August it was nice for them to have a friendly club open show to get them back into the swing of things. Like most shows it's much more than showing your dog but a social day out meeting up with old friends and having a good old natter.

Millie being handled by PhilippaWe were very pleased with how well the dogs did. Merlin got a 1st in both his Maiden & Novice Dog classes and a 3rd in both his Junior Dog class and Breeders Dog class.

Millie got a 1st in her Maiden bitch class and a 2nd in both her Special Yearling Bitch and Novice Bitch classes.

Here is what the judge Keith Creasey wrote about our dogs:

Green's Pasturegreen Trick Or Treat.  15 months, good eye and expression, broad body, good side gait but a bit wide at the front.

Green's Fortonpark Millie My Love At Pasturegreen.   Just out of Junior. Nice feminine head, kind eye and expression. Would prefer more rear angulation, better tail carriage and tighter hind movement.

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